Catalog.Earth Part 1 - Mid-Pacific Institute

Design Thinking

Catalog.Earth Part 1

Posted on August 24, 2016

by Leilani Sills on August 24, 2016

Students in advanced design thinking had the opportunity to Skype with David Al-Ibrahim and Saba Singh, a team of two interaction designers exploring how immersive video and virtual experiences affect the real world. Their project, Catalog.Earth was created to document the world's vanishing landscapes in 360 video and audio before it's too late. In partnership with Catalog.Earth, our students will help contribute to a public platform where anyone can access the 360 video footage of these places for free under the Creative Commons license. This partnership is the first of its kind with Catalog.Earth and a school.

This Skype was an important step in building our partnership and for students to understand their role with Catalog.Earth. In September, a few students will participate in capturing 360 degree video of Volcano National Park on Hawaii Island.

To learn more about Catalog.Earth visit: