Identity and Branding - Mid-Pacific Institute

Mid-Pacific: Our Story, Our Brand

As we move forward we will be utilizing our new Branding, Logo and Identity system in everything that we produce.

Our story will be unified, our message clear.

In 2013, we created the Mid-Pacific Video. For those of you who have not seen it, you can view it here. The video told a great story, a journey through all of the amazing opportunities available at Mid-Pacific. With all of those opportunities, we felt that we needed a clear message. We unified and clarified our message; and made it simple, unique and relevant at the same time.

What is a brand?

In the past a brand was simply the name of a product. If you saw a name on a package, you understood where it came from or at least who made it. That was its brand. Today, the meaning of the word "brand" has evolved into more... a Brand "lives, breathes, and talks." The Brand is what you visualize when you see a Logo or hear, or read the Brand name. The definition of a strong Brand today is a clear vision of what that Brand represents.

If we all walk away with that same clear vision, we understand that we have a great Brand, who Mid-Pacific is and what Mid-Pacific represents as a school. We have identified where Mid-Pacific fits within our educational community, and we are in a great place. We are leaders in our educational community.

Our Position in the Community

We have put ourselves in our own space, etching out our own definition of who we are: Mid-Pacific Innovators. Artists. Individuals.

The Brand

MID-PACIFIC. It is simple and well known with no explanation needed. It is our school name. Mid-Pacific is respected and familiar in the community.

The Position in three words


Mid-Pacific is a school with a rich history of innovation. Mid-Pacific has always been on the cutting-edge with our progressive teaching, philosophy, programs and our unique style. Our teachers are innovative in the way they work students, students are innovative in what you do in those classrooms.


Known for years as a leader in the arts, Mid-Pacific has excelled in creating a school that cultivates the artist within all of our students. We then translate that into success in all of our programs- arts, academics and athletics.


Mid-Pacific has as much passion for each individual student as it does for its entire student body. The focus on the student is clear; focused on each student to help them achieve their highest potential.

The Identity

The new logo is simple and sophisticated. We have created an "M" for Mid-Pacific that is both Classic and Modern at the same time. The logo has been designed so that each person sees meaning from his or her unique point of view. People who have viewed the logo have expressed some of these thoughts:

"The three lines under the M are seen as the mountain peaks overlooking Mānoa Valley, supporting the school and its students, always moving upward, helping to aspire to new heights, layer upon layer, step by step."
"The three lines represent the three campuses of Mid-Pacific- Elementary, Middle and High School. The differing colors showing growth of the students as they move up through the schools."
"The three peaks represent the three words in our new slogan- Innovators. Artists. Individuals."

We designed the new Logo to open the imagination, what each individual envisions. We did not want to specifically define it. We wanted you to define it for yourselves. What does Mid-Pacific Innovators. Artists. Individuals. mean to you?

Athletics and the new Owl

As we defined who we are as a school, we needed to define ourselves in our Athletic programs. The same conversations and discussions went into defining our Athletics programs and new Athletics Logo. The Owl is soaring, with its wings spread, always moving forward. The Owl is determined, as seen through the eyes, pushing our athletes to great achievement.

Elementary School Mascot

As you know, Mid-Pacific is a school of more than 1,550 students from Preschool through Grade 12. The ages of our students vary from three year olds to eighteen-year-old seniors. The Owl logo defines our Athletic program, however, we also needed our mascot to also represent our littlest owls, our Elementary School. We proudly introduce our new Elementary School Mascot.

Mid-Pacific Institute Seal

The official Mid-Pacific Institute Seal will be used for our most important ceremonial occasions.

As we move forward we will be utilizing our new Branding, Logo and Identity in everything that we produce. Our story will be unified, our message clear:

We are Mid-Pacific. Innovators. Artists. Individuals.


There are downloadable files in this style guide. It is vital that these files not be altered or combined with other artwork; it is also important that these images be given space to "breathe." Clear space is the minimum margin surrounding the logo within which type and/or other graphics may not interfere. Using an x-cap height (the relative height of a capital letter) determines correct clear space.

Note: The school is officially chartered as "Mid-Pacific Institute." The official seal has been updated and will continue to be used for official communications of a contractual nature. For everything else, we will use the new logo and branding system: Mid-Pacific. Innovators. Artists. Individuals.

The descriptors "MPI" and "Mid-Pac" must not be used. Use instead: "Mid-Pacific."

Files are available as full vector versions in EPS, in black and white and in full color, and JPEG. JPEG files are appropriate for Keynote presentations as well as flyers and posters. For t-shirts, coffee mugs and large posters or banners, please request the full-size EPS versions from Scot Allen for your vendor. Email Scot Allen here.

The official typeface for Mid-Pacific is "Lato," a freely available font. The secondary front is "Crimson," also freely available.

Download Lato font here.
Download Crimson font here.
Learn how to install fonts on your Mac here.

This page is designed to enhance your creativity and ease the implementation of the new branding system. With student projects, shirts and posters, a logo may be used, for example, on the back page of an arts program or on the sleeve of a shirt. These guidelines are not intended to stifle creativity in any way. It is not necessary to check in with External Affairs before using the new logo system.

The primary guideline is simple: never alter the logo and brand system files or combine them with other slogans and artwork. The situation is basically business as usual; nothing has changed in the process of ordering/purchasing of logo items. No approval is necessary, given the proper use of the logo system within the boundaries of good taste and common sense.

If you have questions, or require technical assistance on a project, please don't hesitate to call or message Scot Allen at 973-5013

Each logo is 300 dpi and bounded by a white or transparent background.

How to download: Choose your file type by clicking on the button below each logo. A window will appear featuring the logo you have chosen. You can now drag and drop the logo from the browser window to your computer. Alternately, you can right-click the image and save it to your computer.

Files are available in EPS (Vector) format, in black and white and color, as well as JPEG and PNG. The JPEG files are appropriate for Keynote presentations, the web, as well as flyers and posters. For t-shirts, coffee mugs and large posters or banners, please request the full-size EPS versions from Scot Allen. Email Scot Allen here.

Horizontal Logo

Stacked Logo

M Peak Logo with Gradations

M Peak Logo Outline

M Simple Logo Outline

Mid-Pacific Owls Complete Solid

Mid-Pacific Owls Solid

Mid-Pacific Owls Outline

Mid-Pacific Elementary School Mascot Gradation

Mid-Pacific Elementary School Mascot Solid

Mid-Pacific Seal Green

Mid-Pacific Seal Black


Use these pre-made templates when you want to create a digital document with the Logo in place.

Microsoft Word Letterhead Template
Pages Letterhead Template