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A Year of Growth and Success

Posted on May 22, 2015

by Dr. Paul Turnbull on May 22, 2015


The end of our school year is a magical time of year because it is marked by several key milestones and celebrations. For example, our 5th grade students celebrated their growing status as the Class of 2022 during their Leave-taking ceremony this week, embracing their new roles as middle school students in the coming school year. Likewise, our 8th graders celebrated their transition into the high school as the incoming Class of 2019 this week, led by our middle school principal Dr. Priester and welcomed by our high school principal Tom McManus.

Mid-Pacific is a tight-knit community that embraces students at every stage of their growth, helping them to ultimately surpass their potential at graduates. That is why milestones like our elementary and middle school transitions are represented by our elementary school and middle school principals. Doctors Hussey and Priester remind us that no student walks alone at Mid-Pacific and they remind us that their quiet guidance builds a foundation of excellence for our students as they prepare for their high school years.

Tom McManus is the recipient of his colleagues' leadership and guidance in the crucial elementary and middle years. As our high school principal, he is able to lead the faculty and students on a journey that celebrates deeper learning methods across academic disciplines because the students are ready for high-level investigation and exploration. Of course, the last transition will occur for the Class of 2015 during Commencement on May 23rd.

As our graduates cross the stage to receive their diplomas, it will be a manifestation of everyone's work across the Mid-Pacific Pre-Kindergarten - 12th grade continuum. Holding their diplomas, we will see students holding an entire philosophy of learning, all represented with the Mid-Pacific seal.

Elementary students who were exposed to the Inquiry method (Inquire. Immerse. Synthesize. Publish.), became middle school students who embraced the tenets of Design Thinking (Empathize. Define. Ideate. Prototype. Test.). With those academic and 21st century skills in place, those middle school students grew into high school students who were pushed to become innovators, artists, and individuals.

The results of our work together speak for themselves. As you can see below, this infographic provides an exciting snapshot of our progress and successes this year, thanks largely to the leadership of our academic principals and our outstanding faculty. Thanks to their commitment to our educational philosophy and to our students, I know that our Commencement will be a perfect ending to an incredible year.

E Kūlia Kākou,
(Let's strive and aspire together)

Paul Turnbull, Ph.D.