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Elementary Students 3D Laser Scan Halloween!

Posted on October 31, 2014

by Dr. Paul Turnbull on October 31, 2014

Halloween is upon us at Mid-Pacific, and our 5th grade class took the opportunity to use innovative techniques to bring pumpkins to life.

With Mid-Pacific's innovative 3D laser scanning curriculum and its incredible faculty, our students have access to an exciting technology that can be used across academic subjects. In the demonstration below, you can see the results of their work to digitally scan a Halloween-ready pumpkin. The video shows you how an interactive online 3D viewer can be used to look at a real object in virtual form, from multiple angles, and also with geometric meshing applied. When you see the triangles attached to the pumpkin, you can also see the math and science behind interactive projects like this.

Now it's your turn to try the real thing! By clicking on this link, you can explore the 3D version of a Mid-Pacific pumpkin.

Have a happy and safe Halloween from all of us at Mid-Pacific!

E kūlia kākou,

Paul Turnbull, Ph.D.