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Posted on June 26, 2014

by Dr. Paul Turnbull on June 26, 2014

Welcome to my introductory Blog, where I'll be writing about new and exciting developments at Mid-Pacific. To receive these regular updates, please subscribe to my Blog and my Twitter feed @MPIPresident.

New Beginnings: Ke Au Hou

A friend of mine recently asked about my feelings as my first year at Mid-Pacific drew to a close. I told him about the simultaneous feelings of pride and contentment as I spoke to Mid-Pacific's 106th graduating class, and about the sense of privilege I felt as Mid-Pacific's ninth President.

I also explained that while graduation is exhilarating and emotionally charged, it isn't actually the best part of the school year for me. The best part of the year for me is actually about 6-8 weeks before school ends.

I've grown to love that time of year because the most amazing thing happens: regardless of the age or grade level, students in the late spring begin to act older. Without knowing it, they are telling their teachers that they are ready for the challenges of the next school year. Their new-found maturity is the culmination of the academic and social skills we have been developing over the school year and without fail, it happens every year.

This year was no different. Watching our students immerse themselves in the Mid-Pacific philosophy that encourages students to be Innovators, Artists, and most importantly, Individuals, I also watched their confidence grow. I watched our students master academic subjects and win accolades from their peers and their community. Most importantly, I watched them embrace what it meant to be a student at Mid-Pacific: Striving for a higher goals while remaining thoughtful of others.

Now that summer is upon us, I am left with a sense of excitement at what the new year holds. Our new beginning - Ke Au Hou - gets closer every day. Our new beginning also brings exciting developments with a new campus master plan, new courses that showcase innovative technologies, a new look for our website and communications, and new partnerships that will elevate Mid-Pacific to new heights.

I'm looking forward to sharing these stories with our community as the summer unwinds. In the meantime, I hope you are enjoying the summer and looking forward to the new school year as much as I am.

Go Owls!
Paul Turnbull