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We Can Fly!

Posted on November 17, 2017

by Dr. Edna Hussey on November 17, 2017

Wonders never cease -- the wonders of our faculty and students! At the recent November assembly, our visual arts specialist Abbey Day showed us how we can fly. Inspired by an art design on a well-known shaved ice stand on the North Shore, Ms. Day worked with students in the preschool and elementary so each student created a "feather." In a time-lapse video, she showed us how she used every feather to form rainbow-color wings -- special Pueo wings. The unique art piece, hung on the fence by the playcourt, beckons you to stand in front of it with hands outstretched so you can take flight! Next time youʻre on campus, take your smartphone or camera so you can capture your child (or yourself) with wings outstretched, ready to fly!


Two celebrations of International Week on our campus. Students in high school teacher Chris Ferryʻs English Language Learners class visited several multiage first and second grades to read a favorite childrenʻs book in their native language (Japanese, Korean, Chinese). Before the read-aloud, the ELL students prepared a quick vocabulary review so our children could recognize a few words. Then each child read one of their favorite books to their new ELL friends. Look at how engaged the children are in this unique literacy experience.


Three educators from Chigasaki, Japan visited Mid-Pacific and spent one of their days at the elementary, beginning with the assembly this past Thursday. Chigasaki is the sister-city to Honolulu. After touring the campus, they stopped in Ms. Montesʻ multiage third-fourth grade class where the elementary teacher taught Noio students how to play the Japanese card game Karuta. While a poem is read, students must find a particular illustration on a card that matches a line of poetry. His talented fifth graders drew the illustrations for each playing card. After viewing a video made by his students about special places in Chigasaki, the teachers recorded our students sharing what they liked about Mid-Pacific or living in Hawaiʻi. The teachers who represent various schools in Chigasaki are hoping to develop some educational exchange between their schools and Mid-Pacific.


The faculty, staff, and I are looking forward to Thanksgiving with our family and friends this week, as Iʻm sure you are with your ʻohana. At the beginning of the November assembly, each faculty member shared what theyʻre thankful for -- rainbows, mountains, extra sleep, lattes, our island home, the students . . . .

On behalf of the faculty and staff, our Thanksgiving prayer will include our deepest gratitude for you and your children, each child a wonder who never ceases to amaze! Happy Thanksgiving, friends.

For our children,

Edna L. Hussey, Ed.D.