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Spooktivity Experience Thrills!

Posted on October 29, 2016

by Dr. Edna Hussey on October 29, 2016

Spooktivity! The preschool/elementary 20+ years tradition celebrating All Hallowed Eve dates back to pre-Mid-Pacific days at Epiphany School. Though a smaller student enrollment of about 150, the Halloween spirit was as pervasive as experienced this week at Mid-Pacific. In the late 1990ʻs, the students, faculty, parents, and I walked in costume (me still banging on a small drum) from Harding Ave. along Waiʻalae Ave. to Kaimuki Park for the Hokey Pokey and more celebration. This past Spooktivity Day, as I led the school from Wilcox down Mid-Pacific Road, it dawned on me that behind me were nearly 500 children, parents, and faculty -- all in fabulous, creative costumes --cheered on by high school students. This is a costume parade worthy of local news:-)


When we arrived at the gym, we were welcomed by exuberant applause from 450 middle school friends and scores of families. Following the Hokey Pokey was the most awesome experience of seeing the entire elementary and middle school students and faculty rocking to Michael Jacksonʻs classic Thriller. Phenomenal! Yes, we play really well together as one school. And the children still had energy to walk through Treat Street back at the elementary to gather goodies handed to them by Holomua high schoolers, Mid-Pacificʻs honor society.

Earlier in the day, the preschoolers and their parents, decked out in costume, walked through the elementary campus to pick up some treats, while students in all classrooms stepped out to the lanai to applaud their friends. We gathered on the great lawn for the Hokey Pokey (by the time they leave us at fifth grade for middle school, thatʻll be eight Hokey Pokeys :-), followed by Spooktivity brunch back at the preschool.

Our deepest thanks to our Wonder Parents for creating a festive environment and experience. Parents worked with first and second graders to create the decorations adorning the dining room, prepared hundreds of goodie bags, and set up the outdoor stage with pumpkins carved by students in several classrooms, Halloween inflatables, and the Treat Street scenes. All efforts so much appreciated by the children and families. On Monday, October 31, the faculty and I are looking forward to a subdued Halloween on campus -- ha! (Please read your classroom teacherʻs blog for more Spooktivity news and photos.)

Thereʻs more to be shared about this past week in the photos below --


Students in multiage third and fourth graders organized a sale of various items they chose to raise funds for UNICEF, the United Nations relief fund, to provide clean water and medicine for needy children around the world. Books to Pokemon cards to snack foods to student-made jewelry, stuffed animals, and more enticed serious shoppers. Mrs. Abe advised parents to have their children do additional home chores to earn money they could spend at the sale.


Fifth graders in art teacher Abbey Dayʻs classes shared a sampling of clever clay animation videos at our October assembly. And I mean very clever! Third and fourth graders created videos of their understanding of island formation through animation videos, an innovative assessment of studentsʻ learning.


Feudenheim high school students visited several classrooms to teach the children a bit of German language through hand games.


A team of early learning educators from Sunpro School in Shunde, (Guangdong Province) China, observed Mid-Pacificʻs preschool and kindergarten, recommended by UH-Mānoa colleagues as a model of Reggio-inspired practice in Hawaiʻi. The Sunpro teachers are constructing a new kindergarten facility and have scheduled visits to a few Reggio-inspired schools in California. Potential educational partnership with Sunpro School!

Undoubtedly a thriller of a week from beginning to end!

E Kūlia Kākou! Letʻs strive and aspire together!

For our children,

Edna L. Hussey, Ed.D.