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Lifted High on Mānoaʻs Winds

Posted on April 17, 2016

by Dr. Edna Hussey on April 17, 2016

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Did your children regale you with stories of Kite Day? It is THE one experience shared with older students (for the past two years with middle schoolers) that captures the free spirit of our students and fuels fun in a different kind of learning experience. Prior to Kite Day, thereʻs a getting-to-know-you activity with middle schoolers, a 20-30 minute meeting of older and younger friends at the elementary. On Kite Day, all students learn about the history of the tradition hearkening back to 1910. Tomoko Conner (Mid-Pacific archivist and afterschool program co-director) and Ann Kondo (Student Activities Coordinator for middle and elementary) rekindled a great idea of a "presidential" kite bearing the image of President Obama, signed by the children, and flown high on Kite Day. In 1938, President Calvin Coolidge received his kite from Mid-Pacific. Weʻre hoping for President Obama to let us know about the kite he receives from the Mid-Pacific students. (Photo credits: Scot Allen, photo gallery,

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I happened to be walking by a classroom, and the teacher, knowing how much I enjoy observing students in the middle of an inquiry, pulled me into the classroom. Third and fourth graders were busily planning ways to communicate their learning to their parents and students in other grades. The student here and his partner have done extensive research on honey creepers native to Hawaiʻi and how these birds may have been impacted by the arrival of Captain Cook. Another group was eager to tell me about their storyboard for an iMovie theyʻll create with images and voice-overs about their animal species adapting to a changing island environment. The studentsʻ intellectual and emotional investment in their inquiries is so evident!

So, too, thought visiting teachers from Waiʻalae Charter School who spent the morning in the Noio multiage 3-4 classrooms this past Wednesday. They came to learn first-hand through classroom observations and lunch discussion with our M 3-4 teachers about differentiating instruction in a multiage setting, the assessment and reporting of student learning, and creating a collaborative learning environment. We also welcomed another visiting teacher from Carden Academy Maui who spent her day in the preschool learning about our Reggio-inspired preschool environment and projects.

Parents, a reminder about April 22. School dismissal is 12:30pm so that all faculty schoolwide can meet for professional learning. Please inform your child about being picked up at 12:30pm or going to the dining room for Lemonade Alley, which ends at 2:30pm.

E Kūlia Kākou! Letʻs strive and aspire together!

For our children,

Edna L. Hussey, Ed.D.