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School's in for the summer!

Posted on June 13, 2015

by Dr. Edna Hussey on June 13, 2015

AssemblyRemember Alice Cooper's 1972 School's Out for the Summer?

We're singing a different song at Mid-Pacific -- School's very much IN for the summer! -- and I can tell from the children's enthusiasm walking into school and in their classrooms that summer school is a hit! At the first assembly this past Monday, the faculty introduced themselves via an artifact representing a personal interest. Seems we have very talented teachers -- among them photographers, a cheese connoisseur, freelance baker, artists, professional dancer, weekend chef, multi-marathon runner, improv artist, and athletes. Nearly 40 teacher aides, our own Mid-Pacific high school students and alumni, provide support in the classroom. Summer school enrollment is about the same as during the school year, with about half the number of friends from other public and private schools. It's a full house teeming with creative talent and inquiring minds, young and old.

BJ%2520talkingThe goal during the first week has been community building and making sure every student has transitioned well into summer school. Teachers know the names of every student in their sessions and could probably share at least three things they have learned about each student based on daily observations and student work. I, too, know something about the children just from watching them enter each morning through the front gate to the elementary campus. Our students are respectful, inquisitive, eager to learn through hands-on experiences, have a wonderful sense of humor, listen carefully, work fairly well in small groups even in just a few days, and have opinions. They try hard and try often, all great qualities of successful learners.

MPSA Learning the first song from Honk, Jr., the MPSA, Jr. production!

Tokuda%25C3%258A%25C2%25BBs%2520classRecording a video about yourself with you as the star.

Lego%2520roboticsAll hands on learning . . . these future engineers learn how to program a Lego robot.

The challenge: to get the robot to move certain distances.

hawaiian%2520classOur first summer school Hawaiian language class. Maikaʻi!

Mandarin%2520classEven afternoon camp buzzes with excitement. Children move through different sessions -- sports skills, science experiments, Mandarin language learning, and art projects. Then thereʻs swimming, tennis, magic classes, and some hip hop dancing for students who sign up for these special classes. I popped into a magic class the other day and was as mesmerized as the children with the magic tricks. I may learn one magic trick myself.

Science%2520CampA science experiment about soap with milk, food coloring, and a bit of patience. Learning this summer is taking different forms and shapes -- all about fun!

Looking forward to the second week with your children.

E Kūlia Kākou! Letʻs strive and aspire together!

For our children,

Edna L. Hussey, Ed.D.