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A Fitting End to An Incredible School Year!

Posted on May 23, 2015

by Dr. Edna Hussey on May 23, 2015

5th graders .jpgWhat an incredible end to an incredible year! The last week of school year 2014-2015 was filled with celebrations of learning and celebrations of our community. The fifth graders were honored at their Leavetaking, a transition-to-middle-school ceremony to acknowledge each student in the presence of their parents, family members, and the entire preschool and elementary. Throughout the week, parents attended inquiry presentations at different grade levels, such as the multiage third and fourth grades inquiry on Hawaiʻiʻs wetlands and the multiage first and second graders inquiry on endangered animals. At the end-of-year assembly, we congratulated students who have provided service to our community -- peer mediators, the fifth grade Peace Team, fourth graders who assist with the autoline, and third graders who escort the kindergartners to the dining room each morning. Included in the recognitions were all students who played in the Christian Schools Athletic League (CSAL) basketball and volleyball program. At each monthly assembly, I read the names of students celebrating birthday, and this time, it was for students with birthdays in May, June, and July! I think we have the very best last day of school -- water play of all kinds on the baseball field and a pizza lunch for all -- a fitting end to an amazing school year! Read on for photos.

Kash Choy.jpgWeʻre so proud of fourth grader Kash Choy, a student in Ms. Montesʻ class. He wrote a piece about his gung-gung (grandfather) for the Star Advertiser Keiki Day, and his piece was the winner among all fourth grade entries statewide. Kash read his touching piece at the assembly.

Ken Ito.jpgRepresentative Ken Ito made a surprise appearance at the assembly to deliver a certificate of recognition for me from the House of Represntatives. So honored!

Parents and family members were frequent visitors on campus throughout the week. I listened to impressive Keynote presentations by first and second graders. Students were quite confident as they walked their parents through their projects.

presentations in Robbynʻs class.jpgAntony presentation.jpg

fly up day.jpgWe celebrated Fly-Up Day, when students from preschool through fourth grade have a small taste of the next grade level up. Pictured here at the preschoolers who flew up to one of the kindergarten classes. Read-alouds are one of the favorite literacy activities, and you can see how engrossed the soon-to-be kindergartners are in the moment of the story.

Our 42 fifth graders did an excellent job at Leavetaking. Their singing voices were clear and resonant, and their individual "commitment" speeches about using their individual gifts to be of service to their family and community conveyed their readiness for middle school.

5thgraders on stage.jpg

class tiles.jpgAfter Leavetaking, the students and their families met at the Fifth Gradersʻ sustainable garden. Kahu Davis blessed their self-portrait clay tiles and the class gifts -- refurbished plant boxes and a new chair swing. This area will be the new site for upcoming fifth gradersʻ portrait tiles.

Ahh, the last day of school. This is how we celebrate this special day, the Mid-Pacific way --

water games.jpgWater games galore

grass slide.jpg

slip and slide.jpg

dance party.jpgSpontaneous dancing spurred by the music and the joy of the moment.

IMG_3738.jpgWe ended the morning with a picnic pizza lunch on the lawn.

My final blog of the school year ends with gratitude to the faculty and staff who ensure quality learning experiences for every child. We appreciate our hard-working parent ʻOhana, the engine behind many school events, including Field Day. The faculty and I will meet again next week to reflect on our work and discuss how we can continue to improve the experiences of our students and families. Thank you for a wonderful school year!

Preschool beneath Koolau.jpg

E Kūlia Kākou! Letʻs strive and aspire together!

For our children,

Edna L. Hussey. Ed.D.