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Telling Our Story

Posted on November 9, 2014

by Dr. Edna Hussey on November 9, 2014

Screenshot 2014-11-09 10.19.58.pngA good number of Mid-Pacific faculty from preschool through high school attended the 6th annual Schools-of-the-Future conference November 6-7 at the Hawaiʻi Convention Center. At the preschool and elementary, nearly every teacher attended the conference (your children may have reported teacher substitutes this past week). I am especially proud of the seven faculty who were presenters. Donna Revard and Jill Johnson shared their research on the ability of young children to reflect deeply about their learning with teacher guidance. Lucy Masa explained how she uses specific iPad apps to build a community of readers and writers in her classroom. Pam Jenkins discussed professional learning as an educational disruption that has been leveraged to strengthen collegial relationships among the faculty school wide and to support teacher professionalism. Leslie Gleim, Jordan Guillory, and Robynne Migita told a "fantastical" story of learning in the preschool. There was a strong Mid-Pacific presence at the conference with ten presentations, two of which were student-led. Clearly, there is interest among colleagues in other schools who are interested in learning about how we integrate technology into our teaching and how we view student learning. Mid-Pacific has transformed the the Schools of the Future initiative into Kupu Hou, our grassroots efforts "inspired by the kupu kupu fern with its firm backbone and ability to grow and sprout abundantly. Kupu Hou - to sprout or grow anew - represents the growth that we envision campus-wide. Just as the kupu kupu fern starts out as a small, fragile sprout and grows, so we strive for our students to grow into adults with 21st century skills ready to make a difference in the world." (from the Mid-Pacific website on Kupu Hou).

Screenshot 2014-11-09 10.18.51.pngMiddle school teacher Catherine Ball, high school biology teacher Michael Valentine, and Multiage 3-4 teacher Lucy Masa co-presented on various iPad applications that have made a difference in their studentsʻ learning.

Screenshot 2014-11-09 10.21.21.pngTED --our acronym for the first names of Principals Tom McManus, high school, Dr. Dee Priester, middle school, and myself-- along with Pam Jenkins (elementary), Billie Napoleon (middle school), and Heather Calabro (high school MPx teacher) shared the educational disruptions that continuously and persistently impact teaching and learning. Innovation is definitely an educational disruption that we are leveraging to strengthen our program


Middle school students explain their service learning project to the principal of a D.O.E. middle school. Their project integrated science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (S.T.E.M.) that raised over $2,000 for a Philippine mission.

IMG_5322.jpgMore campus visitors, this time from Hawaiʻi Preparatory Academy in Kamuela, Hawaiʻi. They were interested in seeing first-hand how students are using iPads in the classroom, We invited HPA teachers from K-12 to observe classrooms, talk to faculty, then meet with administrators and IT to discuss everything from tech infrastructure (like bandwidth for over 2,000 mobile devices) to the implications of technology on instruction. Moving into our 4th year in a 1:1 program has provided us with several years of tested experience in the "wlid west of the 2st century." We have been open with sharing our successes and failures with colleagues in other schools.

This weekend as I was driving to Mānoa, I passed what looked like 4 teens, (Eagle Scouts, perhaps) hiking to the National Cemetery of the Pacific bearing backpacks and a large U.S. flag on a pole. This image reminded me of the upcoming national holiday, Veteransʻ Day. We remember the men and women who have bravely suffered the physical, emotional, social, and spiritual wounds while serving their country. While the teachers will talk about the significance of Veteransʻ Day, take a moment to do the same at home. I think we owe these veterans and their families this moment.

(Note: photos credited to Scot Allen, Director of Communications)

E Kūlia Kākou! Letʻs strive and aspire together.

For the children of veterans,

Edna L. Hussey, Ed.D.