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Imagination Alive!

Posted on November 2, 2014

by Dr. Edna Hussey on November 2, 2014

jellyfish costume.jpgI would not have traded places with anyone and miss the surprises and pure joy I experienced at Spooktivity. From the 7:00am auto line to the 2:30pm dismissal tones, I never laughed so much! Imagination was fully alive October 31. The original costume designs were the best, such as the pair of jellyfish that floated down the hallway (see photo), their trailing tentacles aglow in blue light. Incredible! Besides the variety of ninja and ninja mutant turtles, there was just as much variety in the royal queens that graced the campus, from Malificent to the Queen of Hearts to a beauty queen.The students were not to be outdone by their parents who also came to school resplendent in their costumes. Or the faculty as emoji! The middle schoolers joined the elementary in the gym where they danced the Monster Mash altogether after the elementary performed the Hokey-Pokey, a traditional song the elementary students have performed at each Spooktivity. The level of energy and excitement was electrifying! When we arrived back on the elementary campus, the students began their trek to eight stops along Treat Street to fill their bags. Our deepest appreciation to the parent committee who worked with first and second graders to make Halloween decorations to liven the dining room. They assembled treat bags filled with parent donations and organized the preschool celebration and the elementary segment. Parents, thank you. It was a truly spooktacular Spookivity!

Van carving pumpkin.jpg Pumpkin carving in every classroom!


Sophie.jpg Sarahlea.jpg

The range of queens gracing the campus. . . . . When music specialist Sarahlea Kekuna put on her costume (right), her daughter quipped, "Mom, you sure you arenʻt a drama queen?"

See the parents (top photo) and the preschool children (bottom photo). It was hard to say which group was more entertaining to watch . . .

PS parents.jpg PS kids.jpg

Professional learning continued amid Spooktivity preparations. The K-12 math faculty gathered again in the Tech Lab this past Tuesday with math consultant Dr. Melfried Olsen to continue discussions about how to develop a

Math 21.jpgculture of mathematics at Mid-Pacific. Teachers brought student work samples from a math activity to discuss where the mathematics is in the instructional plan, the teacherʻs mathematical goals for the lesson, the appropriate sequencing of the lesson (or unit), and how teachers frame their questions to appropriately support their students. We meet again in November -- sustained professional learning is the key to making changes in practice.

The elementary faculty met again with our MPx colleagues in the high school. MPx stands for the Mid-Pacific Exploratory, a project-based learning program for freshmen and sophomores. The teaching of science, technology, engineering, the arts, and math (S.T.E.A.M.) are integrated through projects of learning aimed at solving real-world problems. At the lunch meeting, we each brought samples MPX lunch.jpgof student work to discuss the learning evident in the pieces. More Importantly, we talked about the process of learning -- specific strategies in the teaching -- that led to the pieces. We are finding so many similarities in the inquiry approaches the students are experiencing. Hopefully, there may be a project that will benefit from a collaboration between MPx and elementary students. (There have been collaborations with other high school classes in the past and currently in other content areas!)

Many thanks to all parents and students who volunteered as docents at the all-school Admissions Open House this past Saturday. Hundreds of interested families and beautiful weather made for a very successful event. Never felt so proud about who we are as learning community! As we sail into November, look for more exciting learning in your childʻs classroom and in specialistsʻ areas. Preparations for the Christmas performance are underway. From my office these past two weeks, the music shifted from chapel song practice to a Christmas holiday song to Monster Mash!

E Kūlia Kākou!

For our children,

Edna L. Hussey, Ed.D.