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A Warm Tradition at Thanksgiving

Posted on November 30, 2014

by Dr. Edna Hussey on November 30, 2014

Stone soup.jpgHereʻs a memory of Thanksgiving in an elementary classroom the students will never forget. Every year the Kindergartners in Kelley Hitomiʻs celebrate the tradition of making "stone soup" based on the childrenʻs story of a clever man who teaches a somber village how to work together to make a delightful soup with stones, the basic ingredient. Each villager contributes a different ingredient from their pantry -- carrots, onions, potatoes, a bit of poultry, and other ingredients. In the end, the stone soup turns out to be a epicurean feast. Working together has breathed new life into the village. The Kindergartners understood the theme of the story and created their own stone soup, a fitting experience for Thanksgiving. I joined them the other day for a steaming bowl of delicious soup. And, yes, the Kinders loved the vegetables, including the peas!

Kinders eating stone soup.jpg

gift boxes 5th grade.jpgTo begin the holiday season -- the focus on giving -- students brought in shoeboxes filled with items for children about their age. Operation Christmas Child gift boxes is a Samaritanʻs Purse project. There was a grand total of 224 gift boxes, of which 157 were contributed by our young students. We delivered two carloads to Central Union Church to be shipped to different countries. Thanks to Laura Adams, kindergarten assistant teacher, who organizes the project at the elementary.

ALison Ashford.jpgWe have been enjoying many collaborations with the middle and high school teachers and their students who frequent our preschool/elementary classrooms. For example, the high school statistics class had been working with fourth graders on understanding data and how it is represented visually. Students from Amnesty International have shared information with students in our character education classes. The other day, high school science teacher Alison Ashford was guest teacher in Robbyn Leventhalʻs classroom of first and second graders who are learning about fossils, one of the topics in their grand inquiry of prehistoric times. She taught the children about three types of fossils and then how to create a fossil themselves using actual fossil artifacts and clay to make fossil impressions. We enjoy the sense of community learning at Mid-Pacific and the sharing of resources.


Koele Christmas tree.jpgWe are returning to campus this week, grateful for the time with our families during the Thanksgiving holiday. The Christmas holiday performance is this Thursday evening, December 4, 6:00pm. You should have already received two tickets for each of your children (enrolled in the elementary). Please make sure to check MyPueo for updates related to the holiday performance and your classroom teacherʻs blog or email. Itʻll be Christmas in Hawaiʻi on Thursday evening! (This elegantly-decorated tree is at Koele Lodge on Lānaʻi.)

E Kūlia Kākou! Together we strive and aspire!

For our children,

Edna L. Hussey, Ed.D.