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Theyʻre Back!

Posted on June 14, 2014

by Dr. Edna Hussey on June 14, 2014

IMG_3795.jpgMany students have returned for five weeks of fun learning in preschool and elementary and are making new friends with students from other island neighborhoods. 268 children make up the summer school enrollment, just about the same number of students during the academic year! About half the number of summer school faculty are new and returning teachers from other schools.

The five-week summer program includes the following experiences: designing and building Lego robots, speaking Mandarin, sewing, producing a musical with theatre and dance (our new MPSA, Jr. program), making iMovies, writing, reading, investigating applied mathematics, bug hunting, playing a variety of sports, discovering the magic of science, and creating art projects. Besides the faculty, we are proud to have support from our very own Mid-Pacific students from the middle and high school and alumni. I invite you to read the summer school faculty weekly blogs posted each Sunday on the elementary page. Just click on the line below my letter -- Read more from the Pre/K/Elementary School at the MPI Elementary School Blog -- to learn about whatʻs happening in our summer classes.

The very first day -- working together on building a standing structure with pipe cleaners. A lesson on collaboration.

MPSA Jr students practice dance warm-ups in a dance studio at Kawaiaha`o, while theatre students in an adjoining classroom work on impromptu skills.

Whatʻs on the screen? A projection of a scorpion from the digital micoscope, a critter one of the students captured at home. Nothing like up close and personal.

A preschooler gathers natural materials to create her own project. . . . while nearby two friends queue up their cars for a story theyʻre inventing. Observations perhaps from the parking lot just outside Wilcox, the elementary building.

IMG_3804.jpgA special note to all MPI dads: Our warmest wishes for a Happy Fatherʻs Day! Breakfast in bed? A round of golf? Surfing in the morning? A long afternoon nap? How about the entire day with your family? (pictured here: artwork from the Art Studio and drawn portraits of dad)

For our children and their dads,

Edna L. Hussey