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High-flyinʻ Day

Posted on April 13, 2014

by Dr. Edna Hussey on April 13, 2014

IMG_3379.jpgIt was a Mary Poppinsʻ day, as in "letʻs go fly a kite, up to the highest heights . . . and send it soaring . . . .," and from the looks of this photo (right), several kites seemed to skirt the edge of the stratosphere. ʻTwas a sight to behold! All 1550+ students, preschool through high school, on the football field to celebrate a tradition, which began in 1910 when Mid-Pacific was a boarding school. Many students came from as far as Japan, Korea, and China to board at MPI. A favorite activity was kite-making and kite-flying contests. As you might imagine, the competition was fierce, to the extent that some attached blades to their kites to cut the strings of other kites! Quite a different scenario this past Friday. Middle school students helped friends in the preschool and elementary untangle strings or demonstrated how to run with the kites to catch wind. I especially enjoyed watching the parents who became so absorbed in the kite flying that they took over their childʻs spool of string! It was one of the best years for kite flying -- gentle breezes and nearly an hour of pure fun. We just might give some thought to parents-only kite flying while their children cheer them on!

250+ students carefully carried their winged creatures to the football field, anticipating record heights . . .


The variety of kites is always a surprise -- hand-made box kites, dragons, airlplanes, butterflies, puppies, cats, fairies, spaceships -- beautiful against the sky canvas.


Two of many parents who taught their children about kite flying -- patience, patience, patience -- and then really got into it! Check out the MPI photo gallery on the main page of our website for more photos.

Our fifth graders are approaching a key moment in their learning this week when they demonstrate their understanding of a self-selected topic of interest they have been researching since January. This is called a "capstone" project, a culminating project that challenges them to work through an inquiry independently, with periodic guidance from a faculty mentor (faculty and staff volunteer to support a student as needed). After several years of inquiry projects, this is an opportunity for them to show us what they have learned about the inquiry process and what we have been doing well and need to improve in our inquiry-based instructional approach. Presentations of learning are this Thursday, April 17, 5:00-6:30pm in several elementary classrooms. You are welcome to attend. Iʻll be writing more about studentsʻ capstone projects in my next blog.

IMG_3356.jpgThese student organizers of the canned dog food drive for the Hawaiian Humane Society are grateful for such strong community support! Next two weeks -- please donate canned or boxed foods to help replenish St. Pius X food pantry shelves for the needy in our Manoa neighborhood.

I leave you with one more image from Kite Day. The entire Middle School formed a tunnel with their hands clasped together high, cheering on their preschool and elementary friends. A fitting end to a high-flyinʻ day!

For our children,

Edna L. Hussey