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Solving the Four-Square Problem

Posted on February 23, 2014

by Dr. Edna Hussey on February 23, 2014

IMG_3098.JPGOur monthly assemblies at the preschool/elementary are always occasions we look forward to because of our students. When they take center stage, we marvel at the ingenuity of their presentations, none ever the same even though weʻve had these assemblies over the past nine years since the opening of the elementary. Students in multiage third and fourth grade (Ms. Holzman and Ms. Montesʻ classes) shared their problem-solving solution about the ongoing misunderstandings when playing four-square ball, their favorite recess game. When students met with their teachers to articulate the rules of the game, they discovered conflicting understandings about the rules. Citing a few websites, the students shared at the assembly the rules they had researched and even some rules they tweaked. Everyone at the assembly was surprised to learn that there are indeed many rules, more than we imagined! Now the four-square rules they delineated have been shared with all classrooms, and everyone should be on the same page. We realized halfway through the assembly that President Turnbull stopped by, so I invited him to say a few words to the children. His message: Thank your parents and your teachers for all the support and care they provide. A fitting message from the school president, donʻt you agree?

IMG_3096.JPGWe have been preparing for our celebration of Grandparents on February 28, 8:30am classroom visits and 9:30am program in Bakken auditorium. Volunteer parents met in the Tech Lab to assemble memorabilia that will be given to our special guests. Iʻll be writing more about this annual event, one of our favorites because it honors our kupuna. Every classroom is preparing a special activity that engages grandparent and student. The program in the auditorium will feature learning in music, physical education, character education, and art.

IMG_3100.JPGSydney Gurewitz Clemens, early learning specialist and co-author with Leslie Gleim (our preschool pedagogista) on Seeing Young Children with New Eyes: What weʻve learned from Reggio Emilia about children and ourselves, 2012, consulted with the preschool faculty this past week. (Their book can be accessed at She observed our Reggio-inspired program and the interactions between children and teachers. To Sydneyʻs left (Sydney with lei) is Leslie Gleim (pedagogista), and to Sydneyʻs right, atelierista Jordan Guillory, head teacher Robynne Migita, and teacher Kimberly Collins-Seigfried.

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For our children,

Edna L. Hussey