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Whoʻs got spirit?

Posted on January 26, 2014

by Dr. Edna Hussey on January 26, 2014

photo 1.jpg Weʻve got spirit! The preschool and elementary students caught the school spirit fever this past Friday when they came to school dressed in all shades of green and white. They were inspired by the visit from the varsity boysʻ basketball team at the school assembly on Thursday. Athletic Director Scott Wagner introduced himself and the high school team did self-introductions and the positions they play. The team was also dressed as tourists, the theme of the day for Spirit Week, which prompted comments from our students about wanting to get into the spirit. The preschool and elementary will be celebrating their version of spirit week, with clothing themes from the Fifth Graders. (Parents, please see the intranet.) The varsity team invited the children and their families to their homecoming game on Friday with Iolani. Despite the loss, it was a valiantly played game! Still our students cheered and cheered, their school spirit ringing through the gym.

The boysʻ varsity basketball team introduce themselves to the audience.

`Ohana parent representatives bagged green and white popcorn (of course!) for our students as a lunch treat.

At the school assembly, we were impressed by the independent inquiry project of first grader Mari F. on diabetes. So moved by the diabetes in her extended family, Mari wrote, planned, and narrated her public service announcement with help from her grandmother so that she could help her classmates avoid the conditions that can lead to diabetes. P.E. specialist Bruce Black followed with reminders to students about Jump Rope for Heart, February 7, a school event that highlights the importance of an active lifestyle, exercise, and nutritious eating.

IMG_2824.JPGThe Fifth Graders took center stage as they shared their iPad-produced videos on digital citizenship, specifically awareness about cyberbullying -- knowing when youʻve been cyberbullied and what to do to protect yourself. I think what struck me was the variety of ways the fifth graders demonstrated understanding about cyberbullying, from iMovie to Keynote to an interactive poster board. From elementary through high school, we are continually underscoring the importance digital citizenship -- how to be ethically and morally responsible users and consumers of technology.

Weʻre looking forward to our celebration of school spirit in the upcoming week. If you notice students donning mismatched socks or unusual hairstyles, youʻll know -- weʻve got MPI spirit!
photo 2.jpg (photos courtesy of Scott Yoshinaga)

For our children,

Edna L. Hussey