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Wild About Healthy!

Posted on November 17, 2013

by Dr. Edna Hussey on November 17, 2013

IMG_2003.JPGYou would not have believed how appetizing a bowlful of golden granola can look! Executive Chef Sven Ullrich from the Hyatt Regency visited the elementary to speak briefly about healthy snacks in conjunction with the 5210 Initiative (5 fruits, roots, and vegetables a day, 2 hours of less screen time daily, 1 hour or more of physical activity, and 0 sugary drinks -- our students know what 5210 represents!). With the enthusiasm of a cheerleader, Chef Sven rallied the students to choose healthy snacks over cookies, chips, and even fruit roll-ups. Fresh fruits! Vegetables! Whole grains! He also encouraged students to create their own recipe for a healthy snack to be entered in a Hyatt contest to raise awareness about supporting healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle. Winners from three grade divisions will have their healthy snacks featured on Chef Svenʻs restaurant menu for an entire semester beginning January 2014. This contest, which is open to all public and private schools in Hawai`i, ends November 22. Weʻre hoping for an MPI winner!


IMG_2008.JPGThe other day as I was passing a few classrooms, I spotted 5th graders seated by kindergartners with an iPad in front of them. I learned from Pam Jenkins, a fifth grade teacher, that the fifth graders have been collaborating on a e-book theyʻve co-authored. As I was walking by, the 5th graders were recording the kindergartners reading aloud. To learn more about the leadership roles our fifth graders have assumed this year, go to Sarah Fieldʻs blog for more information (she also cites Shirley Riveraʻs blog for examples of how the fifth graders have been transforming what it means to a member of the Peace Team, an idea that is nearly 20 years old now!). http://www.midpac.edu/elementary/5F/2013/11/exploring-meani.php

IMG_2006.JPGThis past week, two groups of colleagues (teachers and assistant teachers) from Kamehameha Schools preschools in Wai`anae observed a "typical day" in our Reggio-inspired classroom. They commented on the aesthetic beauty of the learning spaces, the focus and quality of questions and comments from the preschoolers, the innovative explorations of light in the atelier, and the luxury of long blocks of learning as opposed to 30 to 45 increments of scheduled time. The afternoon conversations involving some of the preschool faculty and visiting colleagues promote the notion of "private schools with a public purpose," that is, availing our support of teachers in the public setting by sharing instructional practices. We are honored to have these visiting teachers on our campus.

From Monday to Wednesday this week, November 18-20, Mid-Pacific begins an intensive campus master planning process that will involve all constituencies of the school. Iʻm reminding you of the meeting this Tuesday, 6:00-8:30pm in Bakken and Scudder for all parents who wish to provide input. The overall question: What kinds of facilities will support Mid-Pacificʻs vision and aspirations to become a 21st century center of learning?

For our children,

Edna L. Hussey