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Bursting with sunshine . . . Welcome BBQ!

Posted on September 8, 2013

by Dr. Edna Hussey on September 8, 2013

IMG_1682.JPGJust back from the annual Welcome BBQ to write this weekʻs blog entry! Chairperson Akiko Marutani estimated well over 400 at this yearʻs event bursting with sunshine, blue skies, trade winds, picnic fare, relay games, and just wonderful parent-to-parent conversation. From shave ice to hot dogs to chili and rice to decorate-your-own cupcakes, everyone was well fed and in festive spirit. Fifth graders, with help from teachers Pam Jenkins and Sarah Field, directed the games and even helped the younger children on the field. Our families seemed delighted just watching their children romp merrily around the campus with friends or participate in good olʻ-fashioned games. Even the water-balloon toss captured our attention as participants stepped further and further apart throwing and catching the balloons. Yes, thereʻs a science to this -- fist-sized water-filled balloons withstand the movement better than the larger balloons. In a few hours, itʻll be Monday morning and the Welcome BBQ the topic of morning conversation among the children. What fun! From a parent leaving this evening -- "Boy, Edna, you sure know how to throw a party!" Many thanks to the committee of fifth grade parents and teachers who did a splendid job of organizing the event!



This past Friday, several of our seventh graders participated in Make-An-Impact Day and truly impressed the children in preschool, kindergarten, and multiage grades 1 and 2.
Reading aloud to the children . . .

Racing around the ballfield during first recess . . .

Engaging in conversation.

The seventh graders hoped to make an impact. I have a feeling from these photo images that our younger students will be asking when their new friends will be returning.

Finally, I leave you this set of images. As I was returning to my office after a meeting, I saw several white paper strips with some kind of writing taped along the metal edges framing the large picture windows of Wilcox Building, the elementary main office.

Moving in closer, I was able to read the writing:

Puzzled, I asked Ms. Kelli and Mrs. Schultz about the strips taped along the edges. They smiled. It was Ms. Amandaʻs birthday, the facilities custodian, and a group of students in the Character Education class wanted to give her a birthday present. They know how she cleans the windows daily, thus the reminders to the rest of the school community.

Only at Mid-Pacific Institute!

For our children,

Edna L. Hussey