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Learning all day!

Posted on July 6, 2013

by Dr. Edna Hussey on July 6, 2013

photo(125).jpgI've just completed my reading of the summer school faculty's recent blogs, and already I'm feeling bittersweet about the last week of the program ahead. Such amazing engagement in learning in every classroom! It's when we come upon the Fourth of July, celebrated as we did with sweet slices of cold watermelon and popcorn, that I realize summer school is coming to a quick close. Our students will have a memorable week ahead -- Money Doesn't Grow on Trees is organizing its business products to raise funds for former MPI President Joe Rice's scholarship program, Helping Hands. . . Theatre class is inviting students to see its two morning productions . . . Camera! Lights! Action! is editing final clips for the Academy Awards Program (our MPI version). Not to mention all the final projects the students are completing in their respective sessions. A week or so ago, a parent was pleasantly surprised to learn that the afternoon summer camp was not open play. Her child is learning Mandarin, performing fun science experiments, creating art pieces, and learning all kinds of sports-related skills! Engagement in learning goes on all day!