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Playing Tag with the Wind

Posted on April 14, 2013

by Dr. Edna Hussey on April 14, 2013

This week's blog entry begins with the end -- of the week, that is, because the event brought out the child in all of us. Although we wondered where the tradewinds had gone, Kite Day 2013 was nonetheless flawlessly fun as children zig-zagged across the field, trying to get their kites aloft. Even the tangled strings and tangled kite tails did not deter students who persevered to get their kites up, up, and away, even for a few glorious minutes. It was humorous to see the adults straining to assemble kites (as I witnessed a few in morning autoline or on the field) though having just as much fun as the children. I have to admit that kite flying brought back memories of my brothers and me running carelessly down the road next to our house and that wonderful feeling of the wind playing with my kite at the end of a very long string that disappeared against the sky.

Thumbnail image for IMG_0418.JPG

Last-minute kite assembly at the autoline . . . .

Sometimes the kites were larger than our students!

Midweek the fifth graders traveled to Camp Naue in Hanalei, Kaua`i, for the annual Aloha Camp. Here's one of our 40 students checking in through security. The three-day experience has become one of the highlights of our students' elementary years. At Camp Naue, the students visited Lumahai Gardens to do some outdoor community service by clearing the lo`i, then hiked back to camp via the shoreline. In previous years the students have gone to Camp Sloggett at the top of Waimea Canyon on Kaua`i and another camp in Hana, Maui. I can hardly wait to hear the stories on Monday morning.

When we returned from Spring break, the entire faculty from preschool through high school met on a Wednesday afternoon in mixed groups to discuss the thinking skills evident in samples of student work. Teachers from grades 3, 4, 5, and 8 shared student work samples from an assignment, while teachers from all other grade levels analyzed the work for evidence of thinking skills using a protocol or defined process. These sessions are pathways for faculty discussion focused on the inter-relationships among curriculum, instruction, and assessment.

There's a new play area for our children -- Haka Pueo, Perch of the Owls -- a tree deck beside the Character Education House where they can create, invent, imagine their stories under the protective shade of a tree. These four preschoolers transformed Haka Pueo into a rocket ship, and here they are performing ready-to-launch procedures. Blessed by Kahu Davis at last Monday's chapel service, the tree deck was decorated by each preschooler and kindergartner who tied colorful ribbons and bells to the structure. Who knows what Haka Pueo will become this week?

For our children,

Edna L. Hussey