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A Taste of MPI

Posted on September 9, 2012

by Dr. Edna Hussey on September 9, 2012

IMG_1774a.jpgIt has been a busy, family-intensive, parent-intensive, student-intensive period for the past two weeks in Open House meetings, iPad launch in classrooms, and an annual family event. A sunny afternoon, cooled down by Manoa showers, provided optimal conditions for a welcome barbecue on the elementary campus. A cheerful crowd of 400 families, students, and faculty swept through a bountiful buffet of picnic fare. Kudos to parent co-chairs Leslie Kobayashi and Karen Kawamura and the parents who manned the grill, replenished the buffet, ran the popcorn and shaved ice stands, cleaned up, and donated foods. Fun + fellowship + food + shaved ice + popcorn = a fabulous way to begin the school year!

What's a picnic without classic relay games, musical chairs, and tug o'war? IMG_1785.JPG-1.jpg

IMG_1776.JPGInside the dining room, a feast!

IMG_1780.jpgOh, yes, and a dinosaur brimming with fruit.

The Open House events were opportunities for parents to learn about their child's daily schedule, curriculum topics, and learning from one another. IMG_0169.JPG

IMG_0179.jpgParents in grades 3-5 learned how their children are using iPads in the classroom. Here, parents tap out messages for their children on their iPads and download a photo or two, a far cry from the paper and pencil messages students usually find the next day when they return to their classrooms.

Even our preschool families gathered for a morning brunch in the atelier, while the children talked story with building blocks and cell phones!IMG_1765.JPG

Before closing, please find time to read two faculty blogs. Although you may not be a parent of a first or second grader, Donna Revard's explanation about math instruction sheds light on how we teach the world of mathematics. Trust me -- you will appreciate Shirley Rivera's insightful "Parenting 101."

For our children,

Edna L. Hussey