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Your Child's Best Teachers

Posted on September 30, 2012

by Dr. Edna Hussey on September 30, 2012

photo-28.jpgProfessional development at MPI is an ongoing commitment to our families and students who directly benefit from the work of highly competent faculty. All teachers schoolwide will be meeting on Friday, October 5, to address aspects of their professionalism and instructional uses of the iPad. Our elementary faculty meetings every Wednesday afternoon and during lunch (we call these our "faculty inquiry meetings") engage us in thinking more deeply about our practice and also strengthen our sense of ourselves as a community of learners. In this photo, the preschool faculty is in a webcam session with Reggio Emilia consultant Dr. George Forman, professor emeritus, University of Massachusetts at Amherst. We have had monthly webcam meetings with him for nearly four years. The notion of professional development has grown beyond attending a training workshop or a conference, most of which had little follow through. Today, the concept of professional development is about reflection, collaboration among colleagues, hands-on learning, and discussion based on reading, research, and practice. Time and resources are wisely invested in our faculty who are constantly challenged to be your child's best teachers.


I'm honored to formally announce the arrival of the North American Reggio Emilia Alliance's (NAREA) Wonder of Learning exhibit to Hawaii in July 2013! The exhibit, which features research on children's imaginative work and their thinking processes, will be housed in nearly 5,000 square feet in the library of the University of Hawaii West O`ahu, Kapolei. The exhibit will remain in Hawaii for six months before it is shipped to the next exhibit site in North Carolina. The NAREA traveling exhibit is a definite coup for Hawaii since it will be the first time the exhibit will be crossing the Pacific. I mention the exhibit here in my blog because preschool faculty member Leslie Gleim and I co-wrote the grant proposal to bring the exhibit to Hawaii, outbidding nearly fifty other grant proposals vying for the exhibit. In addition to the exhibit, NAREA is planning its annual summer conference July 11-13, 2013, featuring two prominent Reggio Emilia educators from Italy. I'll be explaining more about the significance of the Wonder of Learning exhibit and conference in the upcoming months. We are honored that Mid-Pacific Institute's preschool will be prominently featured during the conference. 

REGGIO 101 Flyer.pdf

photo-29.jpgI thought, at first, the second grader was simply being thoughtful, thanking me for a new set of musical instruments while I stood in the morning autoline. But then came the next student several minutes later, and several the next morning, and every day throughout the week with the same message and a gentle hug - thank you for the music instruments. I suspected their music teacher put them up to this, yet I was touched by the children's thoughtfulness. In a visit to music class this past week, I observed the preschoolers making a joyful noise with the instruments. Definitely a sensorial learning experience that weaves together sight, sound, and touch. I'm sure I'll be hearing more rhythmic sounds wafting down the hallway to my office.

For our children,

Edna L. Hussey