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Anatomy of a Summer Program

Posted on July 1, 2012

by Dr. Edna Hussey on July 1, 2012

Screen shot 2012-07-01 at 10.43.36 AM.pngSummer school. The two words seem incongruous because of the images, connections, and connotations associated with both words. Summer conjures images of beach, blue skies, picnics, carefree play all day until early evening, vacation. School, on the other hand, might be associated with scheduled time, homework, sitting in a classroom, hours of reading, writing, and math. But ask our students about their summer school experiences at MPI, and I think the negative associations with "school" are dispelled. This week, if you have the time, I recommend reading any 2-3 blogs written weekly by different teachers to get an idea about the real scoops about summer school at MPI. The blogs are just below my letter. Prepare to be surprised.

main-3.jpgIn the preschool summer program Keiki Fun n' Sun, our 3- and 4-year olds have been exploring different environments. With camera in hand, the children have been documenting their observations, a few which are shared here. The images help us understand what the children are seeing through the lens of a camera, so that we might ponder their perspectives of the world around them. Imagine the conversations among the children when they discuss their impressions and why certain images have been captured. This one small act of learning characterizes the approach taken in the school, that of beginning the journey of learning through the eyes of the children. The following images were taken by several children. For a moment, become the child.

With two more weeks of summer school ahead, I reflected on all the "players" in a five-week summer program. Nearly 200 children, over 50 teacher aides (employees and volunteers) who are MPI alumni and students from the middle school and high school, 15 faculty members, an adult support staff of 5, an overall director of the MPI summer school program (preschool through high school), assistant director, a lunch service personnel. Quite a community for a summer program! As the principal overseeing this grade-level division of the program, I'm grateful for a cohesive, hard-working team who create a summer school program where students are experiencing high-quality learning.

Students and teachers will be preparing for an all-school assembly this Friday and the last Friday of the summer program to share more of the fun learning in their classes.

For our children,

Edna L. Hussey