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Picture-perfect ending to 2011-2012!

Posted on June 3, 2012

by Dr. Edna Hussey on June 3, 2012

IMG_1219.JPGThe final week of school year 2011-2012 came to a brilliant finale with a morning of water activities on the field for the children and their families. Relays, water slide, squirt bottles, watermelon and rainbow shave ice amid intermittent rain showers and sunshine provided the stuff that fun is made of.

Happy faces on . . . happy faces!
IMG_1207.JPGIMG_1194.JPG One of the relays: children must run to the umbrella, unload the contents of a beach bag, don sunglasses and a visor, spray lotion, lay out a beach mat, then race back to the other end.
They make it look all too easy.

A few days before Field Day, students gather in the dining room for special recognitions. Students providing community service via helping in the autoline, escorting Kindergartners to the dining room, assisting in the preschool and on the playground as the Peace Team, participating in the Christian Schools Athletic League basketball and volleyball teams, and MPI choir receive certificates. Students winning awards in writing contests, being published in an upcoming newspaper magazine, or walking over 800 miles are also acknowledged!IMG_1151.JPG

We honor our Fifth Grade friends at the Leavetaking ceremony. The Class of 2019, 40 strong, move onward into Middle School, ready for new experiences as Sixth Graders. The class candle, surrounded by four candles carried by representatives from the Fourth Grade, will remind us of this class of bright, imaginative, spirited students. IMG_1184.JPGIMG_1188.JPG

As our friends take their leave, the rest of the students in other grade levels celebrate Fly Up Day. Here the older Preschoolers visit Kindergarten, next stop along their journey, while Kindergartners step into a multiage first and second grade class for a dance party!IMG_1169.JPG

But now, the classrooms, at least for the next week before summer school begins, are eerily vacant.
IMG_1235.JPG And the campus rests quietly, until the start of a new school year. IMG_1233.JPG

Before we close the door on school year 2011-2012, our deepest gratitude to so many who helped to guide, raise, and support this "village" of learners -- the faculty, staff, and our generous parents, especially the `Ohana and all parents who chaired school events, worked on committees, and served as homeroom parents. Lei of aloha to you! A hui hou!

For our children,

Edna L. Hussey