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Swinging into Summer School!

Posted on June 16, 2012

by Dr. Edna Hussey on June 16, 2012

IMG_1308.JPGAlthough the regular school year ended just ten days ago, we're already swinging past the first week of summer school, a collection of fun experiences for many students hailing from many Hawaii schools. We welcome new and returning summer school faculty from several neighboring schools. Nearly 30 MPI students from the middle and high school are teaching assistants, including several alumni. The program offerings are intellectually stimulating and engaging, from theatre, moviemaking, and LegoRobotics to reading, writing, and math adventures, to name a few choices.

On the very first day of summer school, we gathered in the dining room to meet one another as a community. Every faculty member introduced themselves, who, in turn, introduced their student aides. There will be two other assemblies during the five-week program for curriculum sharing when our students will take center stage.

A first-day routine in the classroom calls upon every student to consider the rules that they will follow in order to function as a community of learners. If you look carefully at this image, notice how the students' rules leave no stone unturned. IMG_1292.JPG

Newly-minted kindergartners gather on the rug to share their stories rendered in colorful drawings....IMG_1277.jpg

...while preschoolers, transformed into princesses with simple paper crowns, render their stories in play.IMG_1316.JPG

IMG_1298.JPGIn the art cottage, students explore the properties of clay in order to create pieces that will withstand high temperatures when placed in the kiln. This student inserts holes with a bamboo skewer into cubes of clay she has carefully formed and which will eventually be fastened together to form an abstract sculpture.

There's more wonderful learning ahead for our students! We'll take a close look each week in these blogs as we put together the pieces of our summer program. IMG_1274.JPG

For our children,

Edna L. Hussey