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A Reflection in Images

Posted on February 5, 2012

by Dr. Edna Hussey on February 5, 2012

P1020550.jpgI thought I'd try something different for the first time in the eight years that I've been writing these blogs: a visual composition. During one of the assemblies at the beginning of the school year, I shared with our students and faculty images of things we seem to overlook or take for granted during our busy days at Mid-Pacific Institute. However, not a day goes by when I walk through the school in the morning or when I leave at the end of the school day without a moment of gratitude for the breathtaking beauty of our Manoa campus.

From my office window, branches from trees intertwine, forming a delicate network against the sky.

If you lift your gaze for a moment when walking along the firelane, let your eyes rest on views of Manoa Valley or Diamond Head peeking between the branches of age-old trees.



Wending my way through the campus, I notice the protective covering over the playstructure, functional yet aesthetic.


Further down the walkway, ceramic images of students, our former fifth graders, remind me of their unique personalities.


And just at the corner of the fifth grade classrooms, a sustainable garden invites a closer look.


Do you know where these treasures are located?




From 7:00am for some, until 6:00pm for others, we are a home away from home for many, a vibrant, joyful community of learners.



This is Mid-Pacific, where the honor of our school is mine.