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Listening to Our Children

Posted on March 13, 2011

by Dr. Edna Hussey on March 13, 2011

If we could turn back the hands of time, our wishes would be to erase from history the catastrophic disaster suffered by our Pacific neighbors in Japan. The Friday evening news reports seemed incredulous, and even today, the unfolding aftermath continues to shock us. The teachers and I anticipate that your children will return to school with stories of how their families were affected by the tsunami and by the barrage of news reports. We will listen to their comments and encourage them to ask questions because we know some of them may have had relatives and friends in the areas of Japan hardest hit by the earthquake and tsunami. We can explain the scientific facts about how this disaster came to be because there is still wonder and awe in the powers of nature. But after the science, there is emotional impact. As adults, we can listen carefully and reassure them that many friends around the globe are offering help in many different ways. We anticipate inquiries may emerge from this event that inspire the children to take action in some way, which will give them a sense of power and control over that which cannot be controlled. Let's see how our children respond.

During this week before Spring Break, we have two upcoming events, which I'll write about in detail next week. The school assembly this Thursday features a special unveiling of the Kindergarten mural, a fascinating creation using glass tiles in wave-like patterns. And you've all been reading about the annual MPI community celebration -- Ho`olaule`a. Make sure to read your child's classroom teacher's blog with specifics about the schedule, clothing, and dismissal. Your child should be bringing home a form on Monday afternoon that must be completed and returned by Wednesday about dismissal from Ho`olaule`a. (Friday is a regular school day with afterschool care and special afterschool classes.) Since this is truly an `ohana event, please bring the whole family and enjoy the food and games.

I'd like to make sure all lost-and-found articles are claimed by Friday, March 18. Please check the bin in the dining room. Otherwise, unclaimed belongings will be donated to charity.

Some of you may be taking your children earlier because of a spring vacation. We wish you safe travel. We hope to see you back on April 4 when school resumes.

I'll see you at the Ho`olaule`a!

For our children,

Edna L.Hussey