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Creativity and Imagination Soar at Spooktivity

Posted on October 31, 2010

by Dr. Edna Hussey on October 31, 2010

Visual images often speak louder than words.

Having read the classroom teachers' blogs, I have to say all of them described Spooktivity with such clarity and voice via their respective blogs and photo galleries that I urge you to visit a couple of classroom teachers' postings this week. If you were able to experience the preschool or elementary Spooktivity this past Friday, I'm sure you had just as much fun as your child did. Community and school spirit was pervasive. This is the overwhelming sense I felt as I watched children and parents caught up in All Hallowed Eve activities, from pumpkin carving and math with pumpkin seeds to the dining decorations and Treat Street scenes. And, oh, the costumes! Creativity and imagination soaring! This was certainly a day of great expectations fulfilled. Perhaps you'll discover the "bold" character I was that day. Why settle for queen when I could be king?

Our deepest appreciation to the Kindergarten parents who were responsible for every aspect of Spooktivity. Special thanks to Michele Aspera, who led the committee with grace and enthusiasm. Just an amazing group of parents! We also appreciate Holomua, students in MPI's select honor society, who helped to distribute treats, and all of you, parents, who contributed the treats.

The elementary faculty and I will be meeting with literacy consultant Stephanie Harvey, author of several publications addressing reading comprehension at the most critical levels of understanding. We have been working with Stephanie to help us expand our understanding of inquiry as a learning process and how reading in the broadest and deepest sense are inextricably connected. Last year the faculty and I read Inquiry Circles in Action: Comprehension and Collaboration, which she and Harvey Daniels co-authored. Becoming critical readers of texts should be the expectation and goal in every classroom, every discipline, and in every grade level from preschool through high school. The notion of "text" is as Paulo Freire has theorized, from the printed page and Internet sites to situational contexts and the world.

Stephanie will be on campus this Tuesday. She'll meet with the K-2 teachers from 8:30-:11:00 and grades 3-5 teachers 12:00-2:30. Specialists will also attend one of these sessions. The teachers have prepared their lesson plans for teacher substitutes. We're looking forward to this opportunity to work closely with Stephanie.

Enjoy Halloween celebrations with your family. We do have school tomorrow, and it's business as usual in the classrooms.

For our children,

Edna L. Hussey