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Impressive curriculum sharing at the assemblies

Posted on June 27, 2010

by Dr. Edna Hussey on June 27, 2010

summer-group.jpgA steady hum of learning permeates the preschool and elementary campus. Within the classrooms, children are discussing, building, creating, observing, writing, and listening. Outside on the playcourt and playstructure, our students are running, climbing, hopping, skipping, riding trikes and exerbugs, and playing games. At our second assembly of the summer program, several students from different morning sessions shared what they've been learning. One class involved the audience in a punctuation game; another group premiered a public service announcement on the value of respect. We learned a welcome song and were impressed by fascinating inventions using pulleys, gears, and inclines. Students in math sessions explained how math is everywhere, from fractions and shapes to finding area and perimeter -- useful knowledge and application to life skills. We delighted in the display of Lego-robot cars' speed and building design. The afternoon camp-session students also gathered in the dining room to share what they've been learning. Mandarin language students sang songs about parts of the body and a poem. Several children in the art class showed us their paintings and explained the artistic processes.

We learned how students created songs and rhythms using their names and listened to some fun examples. Four children demonstrated how running is a series of smaller actions when put together, can provide better, faster results. If you take a moment to go to the elementary page, scroll down to the individual teachers' blogs. Many of the teachers have included photo images and video clips of the many interesting and amazing things our students have learned this past week!