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Reliving Medieval Lore

Posted on March 13, 2010

by Dr. Edna Hussey on March 13, 2010

As reported by the court historian -- The County of Mid-Pacific opened its gates Friday morning under fair skies and gentle winds. Robin Hood and the merry HUGSS and KKIDS greeted the lords, ladies, knights in shining armor, and townsfolk from nearby counties as they streamed into Mid-Pacific proper. The festivities began mid-morning when citizens shared their inquiry findings with esteemed elders. His Majesty King Bruce I welcomed the barons and ladies who sat beside him at the head table and invited all good citizens to dine in the Great Hall.  Knights, peasants, and damsels feasted on cheese, fruits, breads, and roasted chicken and drank deeply from goblets filled with sparkling wine. The merriment continued in the courtyard where citizens were entertained by honorable knights from lands near and far.  


 March 12, 2010: First and second graders concluded their inquiry on the Medieval Ages in grand style, as described earlier.  The children had become experts on the time period and learned about all facets of feudal society, then presented their findings to parents. The children's experiences as characters in this medieval re-enactment brought the time period to life for them and all who attended the inquiry, including parents and the students in other grade levels.  The Society for Creative Anachronisms added authenticity.  They not only set up the outdoor stage with two chairs for the "king" and "queen" who presided over the entertainment, but also brought artifacts for the children to examine.  We are deeply grateful to the parents who took the lead in organizing the feast -- Karen Kawamura, Tammy Ishibashi, Linda Hasegawa, Kathy Serikaku, Colleen Otsuka, and Akiko Marutani -- and so many parents who contributed food and their time to transform our rather nondescript dining room into a Great Hall, indeed! I mean, it really felt like a medieval hall! For more detail about this inquiry, see the gallery photos and blog entries from the multiage first and second grade teachers.

Thank you, parents, for participating in a "listening group" for our Strategic Planning Process or completing the online survey. The data will be compiled and provide essential information for the Strategic Planning Committee, a group of nearly 60 individuals representing MPI constituencies. The actual planning process begins early April and will continue through May.  The final plan, which requires Board approval, will be announced to the school community.

We can tell Spring Break is just around the corner. Children are sharing their vacation plans with us, and the faculty will be ready for a two-week respite. It'll be business as usual with regular office hours, 7:00am through 3:30pm. daily.  A reminder: enrollment renewal contracts are due April 7 with the deposit.  If you have any questions about these contracts, please contact the Business Office.

This coming Friday, March 19, we celebrate us! -- the MPI community -- at the annual Ho`olaule`a.  Enjoy a wide variety of foods and games and a student talent show. Although the event officially begins at 12:00noon, our preschoolers and elementary students will begin at 11:30am (please make sure to check your child's classroom teacher's blog for specific details). The event is also open to the public.

I'll see you and your family at the Ho`olaule`a.

For our children,

Edna L. Hussey