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A Mighty Proud day at MPI

Posted on February 27, 2010

by Dr. Edna Hussey on February 27, 2010

P1070350.JPG.jpegThey entered through the school gate, smiling broadly, just as excited as the children who awaited their special guests at the annual Grandparents' Day celebration. Over 300 grandparents and friends visited their grandchild's classroom where they participated in activities or listened to inquiry presentations.  I saw grandparents sitting beside their grandchildren -- painting, writing, playing board games, even a game on the Smartboard. I observed the interactions between adult and child and noticed the eye-to-eye, leaning in toward the other, the quick and easy smile, the playful banter, the gentle hug, and the bursts of laughter. After a short half hour in the classrooms, we headed for Bakken auditorium, which quickly filled to capacity. Each specialty area of our educational program-- character education, music, physical education, and art -- was highlighted. From slideshow to live performances, we were all so impressed with the caliber, quality, and diversity of our program and our learners.  I was so taken by the program, that there I was, the principal, thinking -- Gosh, I'd love to have my children at this school! It was a mighty proud day at MPI, and none prouder than our grandparents who we celebrated with fond appreciation.

We're grateful to many who assisted in the preparation and organization of Grandparents Day. Thank you to my administrative assistant, Kelli Tokuyama, for her keen attention to detail; to the `Ohana parent volunteers who greeted our special guests with leis, helped set up chairs in classrooms, and assisted at the refreshment areas; to the maintenance crew for the quick and efficient cleanup; and to Sodexo (Vance Ishibashi) for the refreshments. We are very grateful to Jr. Lou & T for the beautiful floral baskets that our oldest grandparents and those who traveled the farthest received at the program.  I'd like to add special thanks to Wendy Kobayashi and Tammy Ishibashi who took the photos and prepared the photo-magnet mementos for grandparents.  We very much appreciate the thoughtfulness and creativity that the faculty specialists -- Jill Johnson, Jordan Guillory, Lori Abe, Shirley Rivera, Pam Jenkins, and Diane Koshi -- put into today's spectacular program. For many who attended today's event, you can understand why I give full credit to the faculty.  They certainly bring out the very best in our children!

I will be sending home a letter in the mail with special reminders and announcements because I don't want parents to miss the information. Expect this letter next week.

Please take note of the letter mailed to your home from President Rice and Board of Trustees Chair James Kometani, inviting you to participate in any of the "listening groups" scheduled for your convenience. We are gathering important data to help the Board and representatives of constituent groups create MPI's long-term strategic plan. The sessions are March 3, 3:30-5:00pm or 5:30-7:00pm, and again on March 8, 5:30-7:00pm. Your input at any one session is valued and appreciated. Contact Kristy Tong, chair of the Strategic Planning Committee, at 973-5016, email, ktong@midpac.edu, or her assistant June Yahiku, jyahiku@midpac.edu.  

Did you know that your child's teacher attends a lunch meeting with colleagues once each week to talk shop, and that they look forward to these meetings?! We've nearly completed watching segments of an instructional video, a companion guide to the text entitled Comprehension & Collaboration, which we've been reading since last semester. We talk about what's going on in classroom inquiries and share some of our teaching challenges. The climate at these lunch meetings is always collegial and collaborative. The teacher candidates from the University of Hawaii at Manoa and Chaminade University join us at these meetings and have remarked how much more they are learning from our open conversations, which are full of insightful observations and exchange of ideas.

For our children,

Edna L. Hussey