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Independence Day Celebrations of Learning

Posted on July 3, 2009

by Dr. Edna Hussey on July 3, 2009

We are fast-approaching the conclusion of an intensive five-week summer school.  The variety of offerings has given students a well-rounded set of experiences, and the faculty is a smart, creative group who keeps the children engaged in their learning. One observation worth mentioning in this week's posting is the sense of community in each classroom and throughout the school. The students are courteous, respectful, and enjoy being with one another. To achieve these positive relationships among students takes a concerted effort from all members. The teachers are attuned to students' interactions and carefully guide and re-direct student behavior. The children are to be commended for their respectful regard of one another and their willingness to work with collaborative and cooperative attitudes. Of all the multiple intelligences purported by Howard Gardner, the interpersonal intelligence is the most important intelligence needed for success, and many of our summer school students are doing well in this area of development.

At this week's assembly, a budding group of filmmakers shared several film shorts.
One served as a public service film about littering and another about game pieces that mysteriously come to life. Very clever!  They will be hosting a Red Carpet Screening next Friday at 11:15am in the dining room.  One of the Reading/Writing Workshop classes presented the importance of word choice, one of the writing traits. In the popular Poetry Slam format, students read their poems, which were judged by a few members of the audience.

Then out of the corner of the dining room, the Fairy Grandmother arrived dressed in full regalia (minus wings).  She reminded us about the magic of three words -- please -- and thank you.  With some assistance from the audience, she was able to unleash a seemingly endless string of beads that sprang from a box.  In another moment, she pulled three stacked decks of cards from a very small bag that looked empty. Fairy Godmother's most amazing feat was transforming red, white, and blue scarves into Old Glory in celebration of Independence Day.

Happy Fourth of July, America!  

For our children,

Edna L. Hussey