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First week highlights

Posted on June 13, 2009

by Dr. Edna Hussey on June 13, 2009

Observed during the first week of summer school: Students trying out the video recorders. A discussion on the importance of money.  Planting kalo to strengthen math skills.  Small groups of students hovering over a computer to program a Lego-made robot. Kindergartners with MPI maps in hand as they explore the 34-acre campus. Sharing about pets. Hand-knitting. Independent reading and writing. Preschoolers romping through a water sprinkler.  Making pinch pots. Sports games on the playcourt.  Playing a game in the Mandarin language.  Collecting seeds on the hillside for a science experiment.  For more details about your children's first-week experiences in summer school, go to the elementary webpage where each of the teachers has posted blogs. Just scroll down to the teachers' blogs. Every Saturday, all blogs will be online for updated information and an inside view of the fun learning in each session.

Parents, some reminders about summer school procedures:
•  Morning drop-offs begin at 7:30am.
•  The entry gate to the preschool/elementary campus closes at 8:15am daily. You
will need to enter the campus through the main office.  The gate remains closed until 4:30pm.  After 4:30, you many enter the campus through the gate.
•  Please inform the office of any changes in pickup.
•  If you intend to pick up your child during summer school at a time other than the
regular pick-up times (e.g, a doctor's appointment), your child must be picked up in the school office.  
•  Please send your child to school with healthy snacks and a beverage.  Water bottles are fine for in the classroom.  It is getting warmer during the day, and children need be hydrated.  We also have water spigots in the classroom.
•  Footwear: athletic shoes or sandals with straps.

Your child will be coming home each Friday with a brown packet.  It contains your child's weekly performance assessment and any other information from the school or teachers.  Please have your child return the envelopes to the first session teacher each Monday.

Our summer school teachers are doing an excellent job with your children.  They are assisted by Mid-Pacific Institute alumni and high school aides -- truly an exemplary group of young persons who enjoy working with your children.  

We're looking forward to the second week of summer school! The learning unfolds!

For our children,

Edna L. Hussey