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Assembly Highlights -- Bells & Whistles!

Posted on June 26, 2009

by Dr. Edna Hussey on June 26, 2009

The highlight of the week was the curriculum-sharing assembly on Thursday -- lots of bells and whistles!  We began by acknowledging everyone celebrating a birthday in June with a silent cheer. We viewed a slide show of students engaged in various math activities, from learning facts about quantities (e.g., 8 pints = 1 gallon, 2 quarts = ½ gallon, 52 weeks = 1 year) to recording data for the kalo plants they are growing in pots behind the classroom.  Students in the beginning LegoRobotics class showed us how the size of gears determines the moving speed of the cars they built.  It was a very effective demonstration using cut-out models of gears then the actual movement of the cars across a table.  Three groups from the advanced LegoRobotics session stole the show with the robots they programmed to do several stunts: a robot dancing and "singing," another robot pushing a Lego construction up a ramp, and yet another robot move about in a pattern of small movements.

The Afternoon Camp presentation was just as entertaining!  The afternoon artists demonstrated a technique of body sculpting (akin to papier mache) with treated strips applied to the face and leg to create unique sculptures.  I just saw a number of decorated hand sculptures going home Friday afternoon with some very pleased students.  Science campers showed us their egg-drop creations.  This was not soup, but rather, an engineering feat: to drop an egg encased in a student-designed structure from a four-foot height without cracking the egg.  Students also designed the parachute shape to land their eggs as safely as possible.  And many of our students are speaking, singing, and writing in Mandarin!  In just three short weeks, students demonstrated brief conversations in Mandarin (mostly Q & A format). They are confident and entirely engaged in the language learning process!

We have another assembly scheduled next Thursday, July 2, at 11:15am in the dining room, to showcase more morning session classes.  In the final week of summer school, the remaining assemblies are Thursday, July 9, 2:00pm, featuring the Afternoon Camp classes and Friday, July 10, 9:00am for the morning session classes.  Parents, you are always welcome to attend the assemblies.

We will be observing our national holiday, Independence Day, on Friday, July 3.
No summer school.

For more detailed information about each of the summer sessions, please go the elementary page and scroll down to the summer classes.  You'll enjoy the teachers' write-ups and photos of students.

For our children,

Edna L. Hussey