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Summer + Learning = Fun

Posted on June 19, 2009

by Dr. Edna Hussey on June 19, 2009

All summer school students gathered in the dining room for our first curriculum assembly this past Wednesday. Students in the Sewing and Knitting Magic shared their beginning projects -- a hand-woven neck scarf and neck lei made on a knitting "knobby." Older students are learning how to knit and have already mastered the challenge of "purling," which creates a knitting pattern. One of the Reading and Writing Workshop classes of entering first and second graders read their collaborated story using the technique of a recurring line, which is one way of organizing a piece of writing. Students are learning to improve their writing by considering several aspects that contribute to the quality of writing -- ideas, organization or design, voice, word choice, sentence fluency, and writing conventions. Students in a Math Adventures class displayed their work on math "sentences" (e.g., 14 + ____ = 8) and number combinations of a quantity (e.g., 14+4 = 18; 12+6=18; 10+8=18, etc.). Children can manipulate Cuisenaire rods to visually represent how they are solving a math problem, such as number combinations. The next assembly  is June 25 at 9:00am and at 2:00pm for the Afternoon Camp students. Parents are welcome to attend.  Please check the teachers' weekly blogs for detailed information on this week's highlights.  We are enjoying your children!