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Lei of Aloha to Our Parents

Posted on May 25, 2009

by Dr. Edna Hussey on May 25, 2009

With one more week ahead bursting with special school events -- inquiry presentations in some classes, a recognition assembly, the Fifth Grade Leavetaking, and Family Field Day -- this is an appropriate time to acknowledge the many who have supported the children, the faculty/staff, and the program. We begin with you, our parents, who have invested time, talent, and treasure to Mid-Pacific Institute. Thanks for your active participation in the life of the school by way of attending parent education sessions, your children's presentations throughout the year, assessment conferences, special events (e.g., Christmas Program, May Day Celebration), and reading all school communication via the website and classroom blogs. Your primary role has been, of course, to oversee your child's learning, which includes supervision of any work assigned to be done at home, being available as resources and attentive to your child's development in all areas -- intellectual, emotional, physical, and spiritual.

We are deeply grateful to the members of the `Ohana -- the officers and classroom parent representatives -- who have been the key organizers of school events, such as the Welcome Barbecue, new parent orientation, open houses, and many other events.  All are working parents who have volunteered much of their time to monthly `Ohana meetings and thinking carefully about building a strong parent community. All of these events foster school spirit!

Thank you to the parent volunteers -- The Lunch Bunch -- who've faithfully supervised children during lunch in the dining room. They open milk cartons, help children with cleaning off trays, and listen patiently to some of the disagreements among children. We are also grateful to the parents -- The Nap Angels -- who have helped with preschool nap supervision on Fridays so that the preschool faculty can meet with me to discuss curriculum, projects, and other preschool-related issues.  

The partnership between parents and teachers, home and school, is critical to your child's development. These early years of your child's education, from preschool through elementary, tend to be overlooked in the grand scope of "education." By the time a student leaves the elementary grades and is headed for middle school, this student would have developed relationships with peers and faculty over eight years in the preschool and elementary program!  This is a significant amount time with us during the most precious, tender years of your child's growth.

Dear Parents, we thank you for your generous support, trust, and confidence in our program.  We're a great team together -- child, parent, and school!

For our children,

Edna L. Hussey