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First chapter of the first week of summer school

Posted on June 20, 2008

by Dr. Edna Hussey on June 20, 2008

First week snapshots of MPI summer school in the preschool and elementary —

preschoolers in brightly-colored swimsuits dancing under water sprinklers . . . students hovering over mounds of Lego pieces, searching for just the right pieces to build their first cars . . . first and second graders in reading circles . . . students in the Art Cottage carving out their designs in potatoes to make prints . . . students explaining their strategies to estimate the number of chocolate-covered raisins in a single box . . . boys and girls editing their first animation video . . . a group discussion on everyday inventions . . . children on the playcourt learning strategies to aim and throw a ball . . . children filling small bags of freshly-popped popcorn to raise money for earthquake victims in China . . . a circle of children learning how to knit with one needle . . . students reviewing basic math facts (how many feet in a mile? minutes in an hour? cups in a pint?)

Summer school is all about fun learning experiences and new friendships!  A visit to each classroom is energizing. And we can tell from the look on the children’s faces that they have been enjoying the first week of summer school.  

We have 21 teachers and 24 student aides or volunteers from the middle school and high school working with the children from preschool through fifth grade.  Twelve of the teachers are MPI faculty, and our other teachers come from other O`ahu schools.  Each of the morning session teachers are providing weekly summaries of the curriculum and activities, available in the Friday packets (MPI faculty and Mr. Williamson are posting their updates on the MPI school website). Every Friday, parents should also find in the packet an assessment form of their child’s performance in each morning session.  Parents, please make sure to read and keep all materials in the packet, review the assessment form with your child, then have your child return on Monday with the empty packet so that we can re-use the packet over the next five weeks.  

The following reminders are intended to ensure your child’s safety and positive experiences in summer school:
•  please submit as soon as possible the transportation and medical release form for your child. Otherwise, your child should not be in school.
•  make sure your child comes to school with a snack and beverage for the morning recess
•  drop off your child (kindergarten through fifth grade) beginning at 7:30am; there is no
    supervision before 7:30am.
•  place the placard with your child’s name on your car dashboard so that we can more    easily get your child into the car
•  label all of your child’s belongings
•  pick up your child on time
•  if your child has any symptoms that he/she is sick (e.g., temperature of 100 degrees or more, runny nose, cough, headache, etc.) please keep your child at home so that other children and faculty are not affected.  

Thanks, parents, for your cooperation and support. Thank goodness for sunny summer weather!

For our children,

Edna L. Hussey