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Volleyball Vigor makes an impression

Posted on April 24, 2008

by Ms. Jacobson on April 24, 2008

Our children were in for a special treat this past Tuesday when our boys’ varsity volleyball team, twelve-members strong, joined the students for lunch in the dining room, followed by playful bursts of good ol’ horsing-around volleyball on the playcourt.  The first and second graders swarmed around the players, forming teams of a dozen or more students on each side of the volleyball net.  Object of the game: just get that ball over the net!  At the end of lunch recess, the varsity team played a short exhibition game demonstrating their athletic prowess and positive sportsmanship. Before everyone returned to their respective classrooms, our children formed a line alongside the court as the team high-fived their way down the line.  Their visit is in anticipation of Friday’s 6:00pm game in the MPI gym against the Kamehameha volleyball team.  Let’s show our school spirit by cheering for the green and white.  All families are welcome. Just so you know how impressionable children can be, several preschoolers have been so inspired by the varsity team that they’ve taken to volleyball. The preschool teachers have observed some three- and four-year-olds imitating the gestures and movements of the volleyball players as they play outside by the sandbox.  They seem to understand how to “serve” a ball and how to position their hands in order to keep the ball in the air. Looks like we have some volleyball standouts in the making.

The fifth graders participated in the annual “Moving Up Day” held today in the middle school.  In an effort to help our fifth graders anticipate life in the sixth grade and middle school, the sixth graders played host to our students and showed them the “ropes” on how to get from one class to the next across campus.  The fifth graders feasted on cafeteria lunch in Scudder Hall, played team-building games, and sat in various classes such as Japanese, dance, history, and math.  When asked what they liked best about Moving Up Day, several students exclaimed, “Everything!”

Nearly every month, a group of very dedicated parents representing the preschool and elementary parent group — the `Ohana — meet to plan school events and discuss any concerns.  You should be hearing within the next few weeks about voting for `Ohana officers.  They will help to plan the last schoolwide event, Field Day (May 29), on our campus.  Many thanks to parent Nathan Gudoy, who has volunteered to help P.E. teacher Pam Jenkins coordinate this fun event.  The `Ohana is planning forward — they are looking for a parent to chair or parents to co-chair the Welcome Barbecue in September 2008.  We have a binder with details on how to organize this event (and other schoolwide events) to help facilitate your work. Please consider giving the school office a call, if you’re interested in chairing this event or serving on the committee.  

Three elementary students are on the girls’ basketball team with the Christian Schools Athletic League (CSAL). 
EK and AS, both fourth graders, and fifth grader SS have been enjoying a winning season. They’ve been playing a number of Christian-based schools such as Hawaii Baptist Academy, Trinity Christian Academy, and Le Jardin, to name a few. Congratulations to our elementary students and the sixth and seventh graders for their dedication and team efforts!

Each day takes us closer to the opera performances of Kahalaopuna, Princess of Manoa, on May 9-10, at 6:00pm, in the gym. Hopefully the public will be seeing the beautiful banner display designed by four very talented kindergartners announcing the production. The performance is free and open to the public. However, please call 441-3806 for tickets. The preschool will be performing in the pre-show segment on Friday, May 9, 6:00pm. We have one more work day to complete the set design and costumes this Saturday, April 26, 2:00-6:00pm, in the dining room. Please join us if you have some time to spare.  Childcare is available.

Important reminder:  If you are dropping off your child at the lower autoline, please remember to look left as you merge back into the moving lane. We have received reports of near-accidents when parents have failed to check oncoming traffic.

The other day, I listened to Christopher Columbus, Betsy Ross, John F. Kennedy, Amelia Earhart, Thomas Jefferson, and Annie Oakley in Ms. Bailie’s multiage 1-2 classroom. One student's costume reminded me about my own Annie Oakley outfit when I was a five-year-old, from cowgirl hat and fringed leather vest to holster and boots.  They read their acrostic name poems, entries from their diaries, personal letters, and even obituaries!  It’s fascinating to learn which pieces of information make an impression on our young researchers.  

For our children,

Edna L. Hussey