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Rope jumping performance inspires exercise & good health

Posted on January 17, 2008

by Dr. Edna Hussey on January 17, 2008

We were in awe! Inspired! Riveted! Amazed! The Hawaii High Jumpers with the American Heart Association, a demonstration team of students, ages 7 through 18, from various Hawaii schools, completely held our attention.  And I mean from preschool through fifth grade for more than 30 minutes!  The performers’ jump rope routines, which included synchronized dance steps and tricks (imagine jump roping with a scooter or a skateboard!) and group jumping, were incredible.  These students must practice often because they made rope jumping look effortless — and they were jumping throughout the entire 30-minutes on stage. Their performance was interspersed with interesting facts about the heart and heart disease.  Did you know that heart disease is the number one killer compared to all other causes combined (e.g., cancer, accidents, etc.)?  Did you know that 10 minutes of jumping rope is equivalent to 30 minutes of jogging in terms of calories burned?  I believe nearly everyone has been converted to jumping rope, including me!  Your children will be learning more about various techniques and tricks and how to maintain a healthy heart during the next few weeks as they prepare for our annual Jump Rope for Heart (raising funds to support research efforts for the American Heart Association) in February.  

You received in today’s Thursday packet a flyer about the MPI varsity boys’ basketball game on Tuesday, January 22, 5:00pm, at the MPI gym.  MPI plays Maryknoll. Please read, complete, and return the form no later than Tuesday, 8:00am.  We’re encouraging all of our preschool and elementary students and their families to show their school spirit by attending the game.  All afterschool-program students who are not picked up by 4:30pm from the usual checkout locations will be taken with the rest of the group to the gym.  We will lock the classrooms once we head for the gym.  If your child is not in the afterschool program but would like to go to the game, your child may stay in school until 4:30pm at no charge for supervision on Tuesday only.  Only the children going to the game will be fed pizza before going to the game, courtesy of the MPI athletic department.  If you are not going to the game with your child, please pick up your child at the gym around 6:00pm.  The adult supervisors must check out all children.  Free admission for all MPI students and $5 for all others.  Come cheer on the team!

Our Multiage Third and Fourth Graders returned from a very successful overnighter at Camp Erdman this past Tuesday a bit tired, yet excitedly happy on Wednesday afternoon.  The  students participated in team-building activities and learned about topics related to their Hawaiian Studies curriculum. This was the first camping experience for most students, and they fared rather well on their novice adventure without their parents.  Their teachers are planning several more excursions so that students get hands-on learning about various topics in this social studies/science/curriculum focused on Hawaii. 

Beginning this Saturday and nearly every Saturday thereafter until early April, we will be assessing applicants for admission to MPI.  Interest in both the preschool and elementary has not waned.  While we are quite pleased with the strong growing interest in the program we have to offer the community, decision-making will be challenging.  Thank you, parents, for talking about our program with your friends, co-workers, and other family members.  

I hope that many of you are reading not just your child’s classroom teacher’s web log, but other faculty members’ web logs.  You can learn quite a lot from each teacher’s blog and a very good overview of the preschool and elementary. An effective way of getting a pulse on the school.  

Friday, January 18, is the last day to sign up for the MPI baseball camp.

If you’re enjoying Martin Luther King, Jr. Day on Monday with your family, how about celebrating together with an action that promotes peace?  Brainstorm with your children some ideas (they’ll come up with several, I’m sure), settle on at least one action, and resolve to act!

Before closing this week's letter, I know that many of us are in shock about the tragedy of the two-year old who died today. Even though the news reports will uncover more details, there is no acceptable answer for this senseless act. I grieve for this child and am painfully reminded that every child is a precious gift and sacred responsibility.

For our children,

Edna L. Hussey