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100th Day Celebration — Exploring Number Sense

Posted on January 31, 2008

by Dr. Edna Hussey on January 31, 2008

How many ways can “100” be represented?  Try 32 (the number of students in Kindergarten) X 100.  The Kindergartners celebrated the 100th day of school on Monday, January 28, by counting, sorting, grouping, and eating their way through an assortment of snacks adding up to 100. Cheerios, pretzels, gummy bears, raisins, chex cereal, orange slices, and Goldfish crackers to start. They came to school with a home project, completed with the help of their parents, using 100 items, such as dried macaroni shells, cotton balls, golf balls, stickers, straws, etc. The 100th Day Celebration is a long-standing tradition in the elementary school, hearkening back almost fifteen years ago to Epiphany School days. While the celebration is intended to strengthen students’ number sense, the activity also reminds us that there are less than 80 days remaining in the school year!  

Our students, from preschool through fifth grade, have embarked on their inquiry projects related to MPI’s 100th year in Manoa.  Several classes that are appropriately working on the concept “sense of place” are exploring historic Wailele stream, the heiau on our campus, and the community beyond, stretching into Manoa Valley. They are digging into the rich history of the school and learning about their legacy.  And they’ve also begun early planning of our opera production, Kahalaopuna. What’s especially exciting about our opera inquiry is the cross grade-level collaboration process, which will further strengthen the sense of community in our school. Check your child’s backpack for the Thursday packet in which you’ll find a letter from our parent coordinator for the opera, Paul Czubryt.  The opera is intended to be a school community effort, so we’ll need some assistance from you to support the work of the children.

I’m on an educators’ listserve, ExchangeEveryDay, which sends noteworthy ideas and topics relevant to early childhood learning, preschool through second grade.  Here’s a recent missive supporting the notion that emotional and cognitive development are integrally linked:

Emotional well-being and social competence provide a strong foundation for emerging cognitive abilities. Together they are the ‘bricks and mortar’ of the foundation of human development. So concerns about behavior should be viewed as one part in the larger story of how children develop. The brain is a highly integrated organ. Social development and regulation of behavior are as much a part of development as cognitive learning. (see www.exchangeeveryday@ccie.com)

Enclosed in the Thursday packet is information about Spring Day Camp, March 17-28 (except March 21, Good Friday) for those families unable to find childcare during spring break. Please note that a minimum of ten children per grade level (e.g. 10 children in preschool, 10 in kindergarten, 10 in multiage 1-2, etc.)  is required in order for the morning sessions (see various sessions) to be offered.  However, a minimum of 50 students, regardless of grade level, is required for the afternoon sessions to run because of the faculty rotations.  Deadline to register is February 15.  

Tomorrow is the first day of February’s lunch program. Parents who want their children on the school lunch program should have already submitted the form and payment; submit it tomorrow morning.

We know that the Punahou Carnival is this weekend, and we hope that you’ll take advantage of this fun event for your entire family. However, unless there is some urgent or pressing need, please refrain from removing your child from school earlier than 2:00pm, when regular instruction and classes with specialists end for the day. And if you are planning pick-up arrangementsfor your child other than what’s noted on the “Authorization for Pick-Up Form” on file, please call our school office or send a written note with specific information.  

A busy weekend ahead with Kindergarten and Preschool assessments for admission … the Carnival…opening celebrations for Chinese New Year!

For our children,

Edna L. Hussey