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What's in a word? Amino acids!

Posted on November 8, 2007

by Dr. Edna Hussey on November 8, 2007

November 8, 2007


What’s the longest word in the English language?

It’s not supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.  The longest English word — all 1,909 letters — is a Tryptophan synthetase A protein, an enzyme that has 267 amino acids. (Sorry, but space limitations prevent me from including the word in this letter. It would take up quite a bit of space. But if you have a third or fourth grader, ask her/him to show it to you in their dictionary.) For the past two years, members of the Rotary have provided each of our multiage third and fourth graders with a lasting gift — a dictionary.  Marc Lizama of KTLA Design and Ron Tsukamaki of Atlas AOAO Insurance Consultants visited the classes this morning and distributed dictionaries, followed by a brief review of this particular edition, which includes lots of interesting facts. These dictionaries were already put to good use this morning as students worked on vocabulary assignments.  

Kathy Bentley’s presentation on “Setting Limits and Appropriate Consequences” was well received by an attentive audience of about 60 parents this past Tuesday evening. She began with a set of statements from Rex Forehand’s and Nicholas Lang’s book, Parenting the Strong-willed Child, to be used as self-reminders when our children misbehave — e.g. “I can handle this situation more effectively if I stay calm,” or “It is understandable and irritating when my child misbehaves, but it is not terrible,” or I am not a bad parent just because my child broke a rule.  All children break rules.”  Kathy provided suggestions on setting up conditions to prevent or limit opportunities for misbehavior.  For example, give your child some time to transition to another activity rather than expecting your child to automatically switch gears (Kathy reminded us that even adults need some advance notice!).  Consistency is important — enforce the rules you set every time, and make sure these rules are clear and limited to just an essential few rather than a laundry list of rules.  Praise goes a long way when offered sincerely and for some actions. Of all the wisdom that Kathy shared, I think the most important is to regard your children respectfully in thought, word, and action. Although parents at the session will admit they’ve heard some of these suggestions before, most also need the reminders and encouragement.  So, parents, stay the course!

We just completed a schoolwide fire inspection. Outlets, use of extension cords, fire extinguishers, storage of flammable and poisonous chemicals, etc., are all checked. Pleased to report that the preschool and elementary came through with flying colors. Our goal is to maintain a safe environment every day on this campus.

The last day to return UNICEF boxes is tomorrow, Friday, November 9. As of today, we’ve collected $1,324.72, compared to last year’s final total of $1,649.82.  Every penny goes to medical supplies, clean water, and food for children in other countries. Thanks for encouraging your children to participate in the UNICEF fund drive.

Tomorrow is also the deadline for orders and payment to the Hawaii State Ballet performance of The Nutcracker at the Mamiya Theatre on December 14, 15, and 16. MPI has discounted tickets at $12 per person. If it isn’t already in your home, seeing The Nutcracker makes a nice holiday family tradition. Please turn in the form and payment to the elementary school office. Tickets will be issued after all orders have been filled.

The Holiday Gift Cards order form and payment are due November 13, next Tuesday. Start making your holiday gift list! These gift cards make excellent and practical gifts for family and friends.

We’ve included the December lunch menu and order and December calendar in this week’s packet. Take note of the following days:
•  December 7, Teacher preparation for end-of-semester parent-teacher-student conferences. No childcare is available.
•  December 11, Preschool Christmas Tea with the President and Mrs. Rice. Personal invitations are forthcoming.
•  December 13-14, Parent-Teacher-Student Conferences. Childcare is available for the first 75 families who cannot find childcare. We will take reservations for your child beginning November 19.
•  December 19, Christmas Program (PS & ES), 6:00pm, Mills Gym.
•  December 19, Last day of school before winter break.
•  December 20-January 7  No school
•  January 8 – Return to school

This Monday, November 12, is a day on which we honor all military veterans. If you’re spending the day at home with the family or at the beach, take a moment to remember why we have this holiday — and these freedoms.

For our children,

Edna L. Hussey