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Virtual tours of learning each week

Posted on October 4, 2007

by Dr. Edna Hussey on October 4, 2007

Dear Parents of Mid-Pacific Institute,

Every week I try to make sure that I’ve visited a couple of classrooms, which is one of the best experiences as a principal. These visits consistently reaffirm that students are immersed in learning, from writing and reading to painting and singing.  You also have the unique opportunity to visit each classroom via the preschool and elementary webpages.  Just spend a few moments reading various teachers’ weblogs and viewing the class photo galleries, and you’ll discover the amazing learning our students are experiencing from preschool through fifth grade. And don’t forget the specialists’ webpages. Interesting things going on in the Fifth Grade with their study of Native American Indians through an art perspective. The Preschoolers are discovering clay. Students in the Multiage 3-4 classes are learning more about their writing processes and how to create interesting beginnings in their drafts to hook readers, much like professional writers. The Kindergartners are continuing their inquiry on the systems of the human body, and the Multiage 1-2 classes are on the hunt for information on their animal inquiries. These weblogs provide excellent vantage points for you to view learning in every classroom.    

Now that it’s October, your children are talking more and more about Halloween, which will be celebrated on our campus as “Spooktivity” on October 31st. Children are encouraged to wear their costumes to school (except for masks), but can also change into their costumes after lunch recess. Costumes should be flame resistant and fit the children comfortably, if worn throughout the day. Face make-up is fine. Students are not allowed to bring toy weapons of any kind. We ask you to refrain from sending goodie bags and candy to school. The festivities begin at 12:30pm, and all parents are invited to attend — in costume, of course! I’ll provide more details in a few weeks.

Thank you for dropping off your silent auction donations in the autoline for the class baskets. The Moon-Over-Manoa committee will be assembling the baskets, in time for next Saturday evening. We’re still accepting gift certificates for restaurants, hotels, air travel, and special services such as a spa treatment, house cleaning, etc. You may drop off your donation at our school office.

Students in grades 3-5 attended a presentation on energy conservation by a representative from Energy Industries. Students learned about the “greenhouse effect,” global warming, various energy-saving strategies, and ways to harness energy from natural resources.  We were proud to learn the Mid-Pacific Institute has done its part to conserve energy by replacing all light fixtures with energy-saving bulbs throughout the entire campus, which is also a considerable electricity cost-savings measure equivalent to thousands of dollars each year.  Mr. Kealoha showed us how an energy-saving light bulb compares to a regular 60-watt light bulb in terms of energy consumption by attaching a meter to measure electrical usage. Very convincing.  Although not every student won an energy-saving light bulb for answering some trivia questions, everyone gained valuable information about ways resources can be conserved at home and in school.

Enjoy the upcoming Discoverer’s holiday on Monday. Maybe you can discover as a family ways to conserve energy and resources at home and then — put an idea or two into action!       

For our children,

Edna L. Hussey