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Welcome BBQ Kudos

Posted on September 20, 2007

by Dr. Edna Hussey on September 20, 2007

Dear Parents of Mid-Pacific Institute,

A week ago today, we were stacking cases of bottled water in the office and chopping vegetables, getting ready for the annual Welcome Barbecue on Saturday, September 15.  Despite the Manoa showers, everyone enjoyed the festivities and the overhead fly-overs by the Thunderbirds.  We are deeply grateful to Denise Hirano for coordinating the food preparations and all the 5th grade parents who worked the Friday evening before the barbecue and on the Saturday set-up.  We enjoyed a tasty menu of fresh-off-the-grill barbecue chicken, chili, and hotdogs, plus shaved ice, popcorn, and a variety of desserts.  And the games — what fun!  Many thanks to Derrick and Bernie Wong who organized games for all ages, including parents.  Thanks to everyone who donated food items and to the Welcome Barbecue Committee for such excellent follow-through — Kim Soares, Pam Yoshihiro, Judy Dang, and Nicole Chung, who decorated the entry and outdoor stage.  Many hands did make light work!

At today’s monthly assembly, a group of Fifth Graders explained Project: Sharing Food.We realize that poverty and homelessness are not seasonal but can be found in our community every day of the year. Our island food banks are struggling because the food inventory is low.We invite the entire MPI community to be a compassionate part of the much-needed support for those in the wider community who go hungry and have very limited resources for obtaining food. We’ll be collecting canned and non-perishable foods during each month in the morning autoline, then volunteer parents will be asked to transport all items to the Palolo Food Pantry on the third Thursday of each month. We collected over 300 pounds of food items during the month of September. Involve your child in selecting a few items from your own food pantry or when grocery shopping.  In addition to the grade-level presentations at each assembly, faculty or staff members will also be sharing something about themselves. It was my turn today — ask your children what 1-2 things I showed them from my basket.  

The K-5 students were treated to some light jazz music performed by the MPI band during lunch today. I understand there was some foot-tapping and spontaneous dancing by the children.    

September 21st is Hawaii’s inaugural Peace Day at the Capitol. Hawai`i is the first state in the nation to annually celebrate its own Peace Day, which is celebrated around the world as the United Nations International Day of Peace. The Peace Day bill was signed into law by Governor Lingle this past April. The intent of Peace Day, according to Jeannie Lum, a key organizer of Peace Day and UH-Manoa faculty member, is to raise awareness about how “we can transform our world from cultures of war to cultures of peace addressing conditions of human survival — ecological, economic, and cultural sustainability, planetary stewardship, social justice consciousness-raising and spirituality.” The public is welcomed to share ideas at the Forum 3:30-5:00pm in the Capitol Auditorium and to participate in the ceremony at 5:15-7:30pm in the outdoor Rotunda. Last semester, the Fifth Graders (now Sixth Graders) created individual artwork, which was pieced together into a large quilt/banner and displayed on Maui as part of the International Forgiveness Day for which the Dalai Lama made a special trip to Maui.  The MPI Peace Banner will be on display at the State Capitol tomorrow.  

We’ve been having a few traffic problems with the afternoon pick-ups in the autoline. The official end of our school day in the K-5 program is 2:30pm. (When I was growing up, that would have meant leaving the classroom at 2:30pm.) However, we’ve had to shorten our school day by five minutes in the classroom because some parents expect their children to be outside and waiting in the autoline at 2:30pm. So we’ve made accommodations and are excusing students at 2:25pm so that they have time to walk to the autoline. The traffic problem concerns parents who have double-parked their cars and wait for their children, thus impeding traffic flow. We will have to ask the drivers to go through Maile exit and circle back to the campus if the student you’re picking up is not at the autoline. We suggest entering the campus after 2:30pm to give our students enough time to get to the autoline and so that you won’t have to wait. Here are possible reasons why children might not be at the autoline as soon as you’d like to pick them up:  “I have to use the restroom!”  “Where’s my lunch bag?” 
“I have to make sure I have everything I need to do my homework,”   “Ms. ____, could you explain the homework to me?”  “I need to talk with my friend,”  “Yikes! I forgot my book for reading homework tonight,” “I don’t know if I’m in afterschool or autoline today!”  Please pass on this alert about entering campus after 2:30pm to the persons you’ve authorized to pick up your child. Thanks for your support and understanding.  

Although it’s not quite October, a few parents have asked about Halloween celebrations.I’ll provide more detail in a few weeks, but here’s what you need to know for now.We’ll have our Spooktivity event on October 31 beginning at 12:30pm. Students may wear their costumes to school but must not bring toy weapons such as guns, swords, knives, etc. We prefer that you refrain from sending “goody” bags to school filled with candy.  Parents are more than welcome to join us — in costume!

Don't forget the NikeTown Fun Run this Sunday, September 23. The race begins at 7:00am.  Funds raised are for the preschool and elementary physical education/sports equipment.

Thank goodness for the balmy trade winds we’ve been experiencing these past few days.  The trade winds coming down from Manoa Valley are refreshing!

For our children,

Edna L. Hussey