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Preparing for Conferences

Posted on May 17, 2007

by Dr. Edna Hussey on May 17, 2007

As I’ve been walking through classrooms this week, it’s been amazing to see all of our students steeped in quiet reflection and writing as they prepare their progress portfolios. Over the past two weeks or so, every student from kindergarten through fifth grade has been selecting pieces for his/her portfolio that best fit criteria developed by the students and their respective teachers. Your children are reflecting on these questions: Who am I as a reader? writer? mathematician? inquirer? citizen? How have I progressed in developing my skills in art? character education? physical education? music? How well have I reached my learning goals?

The students will also be preparing for the conferences, which are next Thursday and Friday, May 24-25. You should have already received your appointment time. I encourage you to schedule a time to meet with any of the specialists (Pam Jenkins, physical education; Shirley Rivera, gr. 3-5 character education and general counseling for preschool through grade 5; Loriann Yukihiro, preschool through grade 2 character education; Diane Koshi, music; Jill Brooks, K-5 art; Jordan Guillory, preschool/kindergarten atelier.) You may call these specialists directly or send email. Their contact information is on the website.

There’s no school on Friday, May 18, because all teachers will be working on student evaluations. They have many sources of information to consider: written work, inquiry presentations and research, homework, classroom performance, behavior, attitude, and attendance. No easy task, nonetheless, a very important job in determining each child’s progress.

Included in today’s packet is the last call for May Day DVD order forms.

Check out the `ohana flyer about the “t-shirt swap.”

I’ve been enjoying the final inquiry presentations in several classrooms. Our students’ presentations are truly impressive, considering their age and the depth of understanding many have demonstrated. The look on our parents’ faces — glowing pride and affection — as they listen with rapt attention to their child’s presentation is simply priceless.

The 5th graders participated in a unique team-building experience, guided by percussionist Michael Wall. They learned to listen carefully, to follow directions, to take leadership, to be aware of one another, and to celebrate each other’s successes using percussion instruments as the tools for learning. We made lots of “joyful noise” on the playcourt!

For our children,

Edna L. Hussey