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Happy Chinese New Year!

Posted on February 22, 2007

by Scott Yoshinaga on February 22, 2007

Gong Xi Fa Cai! Happy New Year! We celebrated the Year of the Boar in high style on Tuesday! Three beautiful lions — white, gold, and red — from the Gee Yung International Martial Arts and Dragon and Lion Dance Association — danced at the entrance of Wilcox, accompanied by the rhythmic clang of the gong and cymbals and steady beat of a large drum. President Rice, CFO Pat Garvey, and other staff greeted the legendary lions, which slowly made their way down the hallways to the outdoor stage. Students gathered outside their classrooms and on the lawn while the lions “chased” away any evil spirits. Along the way, the children fed the lions little red envelopes filled with monetary offerings. The playful lions nuzzled their heads against the children, who squealed with delight. The lions entered just about every room in the preschool and elementary, pausing even longer in classrooms where the students were seated at work. We’re grateful to Kindergarten parent, Dr. Tzulan Kuo (son, Justin) who arranged for the troupe to perform at MPI. What an amazing, memorable sight!

It was also a day of feasting on Chinese delicacies. Parents in mostly the primary grades cooked dim sum or noodle dishes and shared other foods such as dried fruits and gau, which the children enjoyed without hesitation.

And if all of this wasn’t enough excitement, Miss Hawaii USA, Ms. Chanel Wise, visited a Kindergarten class Tuesday afternoon to read a story to the students. I think the children were taken with her sparkling tiara and smile.

Grandparents’ Day will be celebrated at the elementary school on February 28, next Wednesday, beginning at 11:00am. Please remind grandparents and other guests that they should r.s.v.p. by calling our school office at 441-3801. To clarify: This event is primarily for grandparents. However, if your child can’t have a grandparent attend on Wednesday, you’re more than welcome to attend or please ask your child’s favorite aunt, uncle, or family friend to attend. Since the program will be in the gym, we can accommodate more than a thousand people. But please call Ms. Jacobson or Mrs. Schultz so that we can prepare accordingly. Guests may be dropped off at the Wilcox turnaround. Lunch and student presentations are at 11:00am in the classrooms with the children.

Heads up! We will be celebrating the annual MPI Ho`olaule`a on March 16, a day of fun, food, and games for the MPI community. The event is organized by the student association with support from various school clubs. Our preschool and elementary school will walk to the gym area at 11:20am. Included in today’s packet is an order form for scrip (needed to purchase food and play games). I think an appropriate amount to purchase for your child is $10 — enough for food, something to drink, and games. However, the limit would be $20. A few days before the Ho`olaule`a, the teachers will talk with students about planning the purchases they intend to make on the $10 or $20 budget you’ve given them. Scrip will be distributed in the classroom on March 16. The teachers will be asking for volunteer parents to assist with the supervision of small groups of students that day. K-5 will return to the preschool/elementary campus around 1:45pm, and the preschoolers will leave earlier for their afternoon nap. You may pick up your child earlier from school, but the teacher should be informed prior to March 16. Otherwise, the rest of the afternoon will be a regular school day with afterschool care. Please read the forthcoming Thursday letters on our website for any updates.

It’s been a blustery, cold, rainy few days of school, and we’ve been accumulating a lot of jackets and sweaters in the lost-and-found bin. Please, please, remind your child about any missing pieces of clothing. We will take any unclaimed items to charity by March 16. Your child’s name should be on any items brought to school.

Thank you, families, for the special treats you bring for the faculty and staff. We appreciate your thoughtfulness!

For our children,

Edna L. Hussey