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Parent-Teacher-Student Conferences

Posted on December 7, 2006

by Scott Yoshinaga on December 7, 2006

What a busy time in the preschool and elementary! The entire school has been gearing up for today’s and tomorrow’s parent-student-teacher conferences (December 7 and 8). If you had walked into any class over the past few days, you would have observed students writing reflections for pieces they had chosen for their progress portfolios or students organizing and assembling their portfolios.

Here are some ideas about making the most of your conference with teachers:

  • With the exception of the preschool, your children will be active participants in the conference. Teachers will discuss your child’s learning strengths, areas of improvement needed, and a plan of action for achieving improvement. You will be asked to contribute any of your insights, and your child will also be encouraged to share ideas.

  • This conference is intended to be a positive, constructive encounter for all participants, especially the student.

  • There will be some time to review your child’s progress portfolio, but we ask that you take the portfolio home to look at more carefully with your child at your side. Let your child take the lead. All portfolios must be returned to the classroom after the winter break (in January).

  • Your child should set challenging, yet reasonable learning goals for the second semester.

  • Keep in mind all the developmental domains and ask questions about your child’s performance or growth in these areas: intellectual, social, emotional, and physical.

  • Arrive and end the conference on time.

  • Ask for another meeting with the teacher(s) if you’d like to discuss other more sensitive issues.

  • Offer a hope or wish for your child at the end of the conference.

Preschool 3’s teacher, Kazari Getz, will meet with her parents in the Epiphany Room on Thursday, and back in the classroom on Friday. Iris Ching, Preschool 4’s teacher, will meet with her parents in the classroom on Thursday, then in the Epiphany Room on Friday. This is to accommodate the preschoolers who were signed up for childcare.

Note: You may park in any available space near the elementary school, around the turnaround area, or by the gymnasium, Do not double park. Please do not park in the faculty/staff lot directly across from the Weinberg technology building.

At the conferences, you will be given a memo explaining the logistics for the Christmas program, which will be held on December 14th at 4:30 and 6:30pm. Please read it carefully. If there are further questions about the program, call 441-3801.

A reminder about the Manoa Christmas Parade: The annual parade is this Saturday, December 9, beginning at 6:00pm from Noelani School. The preschoolers and students/families from Kindergarten through Grade 5 who signed up will also walk in the parade. If you’re in the vicinity, stop and wave!

We have a number of lost and found items in the bin, located in the Dining Room. Many of the items are expensive pieces of clothing. Ask your child to check the bin, or you may come in and look for your child’s belongings. We will donate any unclaimed pieces to charity after December 15.

December 7, 1941. The tragedy at Pearl Harbor. The survivors and those who did not survive. We should always remember.

For our children,

Edna L. Hussey