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Peer Mediation and Spooktivity

Posted on October 26, 2006

by Scott Yoshinaga on October 26, 2006

We were treated to an exceptional school assembly and the amazing talent in the school this past Wednesday! After October birthday acknowledgments, students in Donna Revard’s multiage first and second grade classroom shared their social studies and science inquiry into prehistoric times (all the M 1-2 classes are studying prehistoric times). They constructed the earth’s timeline, representing 35 billion years. which spread across the length of the dining room. Each student explained a time period and the various life forms inhabiting the earth. They ended their presentation with a lively song to help them remember the characteristics of rock formations.

We’re proud to announce that peer mediation, which began in the elementary school more than fifteen years ago, has now been developed in the middle school. This peer-to-peer program to help students practice conflict resolution skills will offer our elementary students continuity as they progress to the middle school. To celebrate its inauguration, students from the Middle School dramatized different situations on the playground where the peer mediation process would make a significant impact on helping students to resolve conflicts. The middle schoolers did an amazing job of conveying emotion through their dramatizations, to the extent that the preschoolers and kindergartners really thought that the playground conflicts were real!

The assembly was topped by the solo vocal performance of one of the high school student stars, Makayla Farley, of MPI’s School of the Arts’ upcoming musical production of Fame, beginning October 28 through November 12. Her strong, lilting voice captured everyone’s attention! We are looking forward to more frequent performances by students in the School of the Arts. Hopefully, our own preschool and elementary students will be inspired to participate in MPSA when they move into middle school and high school.

As part of our drug awareness and prevention program in the elementary school, the Fifth Graders listened to a presentation by a representative of Narconon, an anti-drug education and rehabilitation program in Hawaii and in the continental U.S. One of the most compelling reasons not to begin taking drugs is that most drugs are stored in fat and key organs within the body (the brain, lungs, kidney, liver) and can stay in these organs for many, many years. In addition, drugs absorb all the important vitamins in our body, which help us maintain wellness. It’s amazing how much our children pick up from the media (television, film, radio, music) about drugs, whether we like it or not. I know we continue to do as much as we can as parents and educators to provide a caring, nurturing environment for our children in our efforts to deter drug usage.

Lots of activity on campus as we approach Halloween celebrations. Several preschool parents with lots of artistic creativity have been painting Halloween decorations, which should be up before Tuesday. The MPI student service organization — Holomua — will be joining these parents on Sunday morning to add to the Halloween surprise. The Spooktivity event for Kindergarten through Grade Five is October 31. If you plan to attend Spooktivity and many parents like to, we’ll fill the fire lane first by the M 3-4 classrooms. The guards will direct parents to additional parking by the gym. Parents, please do not double park in the elementary school area.

The preschoolers are having a morning celebration; details are available through the preschool teachers. Your children may come to school in costume, though we ask that they can safely move around the classroom and playground in them. Please, no toy weapons of any kind. The K-5 students can also change into their costumes at 12:30pm, before we begin the costume parade. After the parade, the students will return to the elementary campus for a special program. Since the students will be receiving generous bags of treats from the `Ohana and the Middle School, there’s no need to pack class treats. Your children will have their fill of sweets and treats wherever they go trick-or-treating in the evening! And Wednesday is a school day!

Finally, we scheduled a practice fire drill today. The students did an excellent job walking safely and quietly.

It’s costume hunting this weekend – for me!

For our children,

Edna L. Hussey