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Camp Erdman Adventure

Posted on October 5, 2006

by Scott Yoshinaga on October 5, 2006

Our Multiage Third and Fourth Graders boarded the buses for Camp Erdman on Wednesday morning, smiling and excited about their two-night adventure. The camp experience has been an elementary school tradition for at least twenty years. The camp offers environmental studies of native Hawaiian flora and fauna, which is part of the multiage 3-4 social studies/science curriculum. In addition, the students further develop cooperative and collaborative skills as they work together on team-building activities, cleaning their cabins, and eating their meals family-style.

What originally began as a students-only camp experience with a handful of select parents and classroom teachers has grown over the years into a family experience. There’s about one parent for every two children, and the parents tell us how much they enjoy the activities and watching their own children interact with others. Everyone returns Friday about 1:00pm. The students will return to their classrooms for some debriefing. Parents will be able to pick up their children at 2:45pm by the turnaround in front of Wilcox after most of the autoline traffic has subsided. Thank goodness for the three-day weekend for children and parents to recuperate!

Thank you for encouraging and reminding your children about their dining room behavior. Mrs. Schultz reports that there has been some improvement. We will continue the seating arrangement (students pick a card which indicates the table at which they should be seated) so that students continue to get to know one another.

The news about campus violence and the need for lockdown procedures have been the focus of administration and staff meetings. The faculty and staff at the preschool and elementary school will be reviewing procedures, and we will also practice procedures. The faculty and I will discuss how we talk about campus safety with the children. We’ll continue the current practice of locking all the gates to the elementary campus at 8:15am.

Entry onto the campus will be through the main building. All visitors, including parents, must sign in and get a visitor lanyard, even for drop-in visits. Exit will be through the main building until 2:30pm. The security personnel at the guard gate entrance typically stop visitors. We will do everything possible and reasonable to keep our entire campus safe for all students, faculty, and staff.

I know it’s test of patience as you travel on University Avenue to get onto Kaala St. and the MPI campus. I ask that you please be courteous to our Manoa neighbors, especially those along University Avenue who are trying to either leave or enter their driveways. We’ve received a few complaints from nearby residents that we’re not being courteous. Thanks for being watchful of our MPI neighbors.

The entire preschool and elementary gathered for an all-school photo on Tuesday morning. It’s always amazing to see everyone gathered together! Despite the little bit of chaos getting everyone lined up or seated properly — a feat unto itself! — there were at least 300 smiles at the click of the camera.

I have been away from school to take care of an illness in the family, but will return on Tuesday. I’ve been checking with the office daily, and the teachers have been sending email. I feel confident in our faculty and staff, knowing that they provide quality learning experiences and care deeply about their students.

Hope you and your family enjoy the upcoming three-day weekend. Maybe you’ll discover something!

For our children,

Edna L. Hussey