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All About Me and Smartboards

Posted on September 28, 2006

by Scott Yoshinaga on September 28, 2006

You can take a quick walk through the classrooms by visiting the classroom photo galleries and seeing the children engaged in a wide variety of learning experiences, from reading discussions and math activities using “manipulatives” (counters, beads, shapes, blocks, etc.) to constructing solar system posters and prehistoric timelines. I can assure you that learning is alive and well (as it should be!) in every preschool and elementary classroom. As we complete our seventh week of school, students are elbow-deep in inquiry projects. You may be hearing about presentations in a few weeks.

All the Smartboards (interactive computer displays) have been installed in grades 1 through 5, and the music and art rooms, and are fully operational. The teachers had their first Smartboard training this week, although some have already been using their classroom Smartboards, Even after the training, all the teachers are thinking of ways to enhance their next teaching unit. MPI Director of Technology Mark Hines and Associate Director Bob McIntosh demonstrated some of the Smartboard program basics, and I know our teachers’ minds were churning with ideas. We are excited about the possibilities in which the innovation of Smartboards will influence learning and teaching in our school. Ask your children about how their teachers are using this classroom technology. Many thanks to Scott Yoshinaga, Bob McIntosh, the IT department, and the maintenance crew for installing the Smartboards.

You may have noticed the “All about Me” boards displayed in classroom windows. There are several families who haven’t sent in anything yet, though I know your children might be wondering why their boards aren’t in the windows. If you were planning to participate but haven’t found the time to answer the questions and find 3-4 photos, we’ll still accept the information (send to the elementary school office or email to Margery Jacobson, until October 13 (that’s two more weeks).

Dining room behavior has improved slightly. I welcome parents to have lunch in the Dining Room with your children. There’s less food waste with the initial half portions (students can return for the second half portion). I’ve met with all the Multiage 1-2 classes on dining room etiquette and will be meeting with the other classes tomorrow and next week. I hope you’re encouraging table manners at home as well!

The first semester parent-student-teacher conferences are on December 7 and 8. We will offer childcare at no charge to parents who have no other backup on both days, 7:30 am - 5:30 pm. We are offering 80 spaces for children in K-5 and 12 spaces in the preschool due to space limitations. Students in K-5 will remain in the dining room, and the preschoolers will use one of the preschool classrooms. If you feel that you cannot find alternative childcare for December 7 and/or December 8, please call the school office at 441-3800, or email and specify the day. December 1 is also a non-school day; however, we are not offering childcare on December 1 so that all the faculty and staff can prepare for these important conferences.

A reminder: For your child’s own safety — our policy is that all children not picked up by 3:00pm must go to afterschool care.

October already! Have a safe weekend.

For our children,

Edna L. Hussey